Good Signs or Just Leading Me On Out Of Confusion?!

My ex broke up with me 2 months ago after a 2 year relationship. He said he didn't think we should be together any more, but he still loves me, he just couldn't give me the relationship that I wanted (we're both 29 and I'm ready to commit spending the rest of my life with this man).

Anyway we didn't communicate for a month, then he text to say he thinks about me lots. Then 3 weeks later I asked him out for coffee. We had an amazing time. We got on so well and he complimented me loads. Then he hugged me goodbye and that was it.

That night he text to say it had been lovely to see me and that he had just wanted to give me a cuddle.

Anyway 2 days later I decided for once I would follow my heart and not my head and decided to text him to tell him that I miss him. This is the biggest sign I've given him that actually I still have feelings for him as I've tried to be as cool as possible since he left.

Anyway he text back straight away and told me he misses me too. He said he wished I was there with him and told me everything he'd been up to over the weekend. So I replied to say I wish he'd given me that cuddle and he replied to say he wishes he could right then! So I told him we would have to get used to missing each other and he said he missed me lots and had lost his best friend as well as his girlfriend.

I told him I'd lost a part of me to him and he replied saying "I will look after it x"

That's the last contact.

I don't want to get my hopes up, maybe he's just feeling lonely. However he isn't the kind of guy to admit he was ever wrong, and needs encouragement to express his feelings. So should I just wait and see if I hear from him? Should I ask him out? His messages last night felt like we were back together, but I know this is a slow waiting game.

Ultimately if he's not ready to settle down I guess this can't go anywhere in his head.

I love him so much. Do guys act like this to their ex's just to be nice and protect their feelings. Just because they're having an emotional wobble? Or because he's wanting the same thing I do right now? Any thoughts SO much appreciated!
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Thanks everyone for your responses. It's so good to hear different peoples takes on a situation I'm drowning in! It's been a week now and not heard a peep from him, so I guess only time will tell...will keep you posted!

Thanks again x
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So I reached out to him. I text something casual and he replied ending the message with "still miss you".Since then we've been texting on and off for about 2 weeks now just casual stuff. Seems we fallen into 'friends'.Not sure how we move on from here?
Good Signs or Just Leading Me On Out Of Confusion?!
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