Ex Boyfriend wants me to come over. Is it ever a good idea?

Last night he messaged me asking how I am & if I got his text a couple of weeks ago. He knows I did because I replied to him. I was a bit tipsy yesterday from free work drinks & we were texting back & forth. He wanted me to see him. For me to basically make all the effort & go to his flat and see his new place. He's working today, so would have to leave early morning & by the time I would have got to his, all that's left to do is sleep (with him).

I don't want that. To me he's not making an effort or taking things seriously. He's 33 soon & he never seems to take relationships seriously, but he needs someone to love on his terms. He said it took a lot to ask me to meet & he hasn't been looking for someone new.

I still like him, but not prepared to be used. I said if I go to yours, then what? As friends? What happens after? He says he'll cook me pizza. That doesn't answer the q. I didn't go & he said it would have been nice to see me. Maybe another time & he hopes he didn't piss me off.

He has contacted me a couple of times before, but it's always just a "hope you're well" sort of thing. Not asking to meet. Should I wait if he says he wants me back & makes an effort to make it work? We broke up because he said he knows his life is a mess & it's not fair on me. He stopped being online. Now he's lonely & wants to see me.

Ex Boyfriend wants me to come over. Is it ever a good idea?
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