Is there a time limit for getting back with an ex?

my ex and I broke up 6 months ago,

he hasn't had a girlfriend since

and we've hung out as friends a couple times,

but do you think there's any hope in getting back together after we've been apart for so long ?


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  • No, not at all.

    If you guys really have feelings for eachother, then time won't stand in the way.

    Dont let it be a factor, as to if you guys are going to get back together or not.

    If you guys getting back together is meant to happen, then it will.


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  • it really depends on how both of you feel. if he hasn't had a girlfriend then he probably still really cares about you. ask him :)


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  • I don't want to tell you "not" to, because you're decision is completely up to you; but I have experience in this category, and it's not something you really want to look forward to. Everyone always thinks that after you break up with your partner (and want to get back together), something 'changed' in you (or them), that will make your relationship stronger and more stable. That's far from being true. I dated this guy for over 3 years, but it was never stable. It was an on-and-off relationship, and it always fell apart because of that first breakup. The first year we dated, he broke up with me, and I was completely heartbroken. I was totally in love with him (or thought I was), and tried everything I could to get back with him! I always thought we got back together because it was 'meant-to-be' or something... The truth was that he tried getting in other girls' pants, and used me as the 'rebound' girl once he wanted to settle down again.. (I never realized that was the case until about 2 years after our relationship ended).

    The truth is, if someone breaks up with you for ANY reason, they had a reason to do it. That 'thing' that made them break up with you might go away for a little because you guys are just friends now, and he feels that 'spark' again; but always remember that if you get back with him, you will always be that girl he broke up with because she had a 'flaw'.

    Now if you broke up with him, then it's different but still kind of the same... Why would you want to get back with someone that you broke up with for a REASON? You had a reason to make your decision, and that 'reason' is part of who he is and will never change, no matter how much he says he will change. (It's all talk).

    Don't fall into the trap of 'being friends' and thinking everything COULD be perfect again, because it's all a mask. Love is really blind!

    I wish you all the best, really :) Just make a smart decision.

  • I wouldn't make your main focus on getting back together. But you need to be apart a significant amount of time before you can successfuly get back together. Everyone is always trying to get their ex's back as quick as possible. While all these one month plans may work...there isn't much supporting them about the long term effects. What I mean is there obviously was some reason you and your ex broke up. You BOTH need to take time apart and be able to look at your roles in the relationship and what lead to the break up. This takes TIME! If you want to have a successful relationship when you get back together you need to address the issues that led to the break up or guess what? the same issues will come up and lead to another break up. You both need time to heal and time to reflect. I'm not sure of the reasons you guys broke up but you both need to grow as individuals and then possibly down the road if you guys want to try again you will be more mature and be able to make it work. Really take al ook at the relationship and what caused this and how the 2nd time around can be better once these isssues are resolved.


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