Ex deleted me off snapchat, wth?

So my ex and I broke up a few months ago. He reached out to me and was like old times. I waited over a week to reach out to him and he just completely ignored me. So on Snapchat I never looked at his snaps during our break up. He other hand did, but eventually that came to a stop. I was out with my friends and posted things for Halloween and then a few things this week. Just last week I saw that he posted something so I know he deleted me recently. This week something told me to just go check. Lo and behold he deleted me. Why the heck would he do that? It's weird because I never look at his stuff...


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  • Don't listen to those "what do you care, he's an ex" idiots. So because you break up, you cast aside the feelings you once had immediately as if they don't exist. Idiots.

    But he's either doing it for effect or he's trying to move on.

    What I mean by for effect, is because you'll want to reach out to him to know why he deleted you. Just as you're confused and asking us here. He might be hoping you'll reach out to him. Or again he's trying to forget you because the pain of seeing you out on Halloween having fun was hard for him.

    I do hope you get closure though:). It's though to be deleted. My ex did that to me. Hurt like hell.

    • Thank you so much for this response. Yea it's hard to just say you don't care especially when my ex reached out me only a few weeks ago. Just curious, did your ex ever come back?

    • no problem! I understand. And that's a good sign he reached out, if you're looking to get back together.

      But yeah my ex came back after 10months. Was a long wait lol. But now we're at odds again sadly.

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  • He's probably trying to move on and you should too. Why do you care so much? He is your ex...

    • I still care about him. It's not unheard of to still care about an ex. I just thought we were in a good place and didn't see the harm in at least being social media friends.

    • Oh, I totally get that, but for some people it is difficult. My ex and I tried to be friends after we broke up and I just couldn't do it. I still cared about him, but it hurt too much to be around him. At this point social media was not as big as it is now, though. This was 10 years ago, so I didn' t have to see him all the time on social media. I am friends with him on Facebook now, but I never would have been able to do that back then. He might just need a little space for a while, even if you are in a good place. I would give him some time and he might come back around.

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  • Why do you care? He's an ex. Did you think you can stay friends after a breakup? Well you thought wrong

    • Yea, actually I did. There really wasn't a bad reason why we broke up. A lot of miscommunication but nothing damaging so I figured we could still be somewhat friends. We had a good thing beforehand I just didn't think that after all this time of being broken up he would need to delete me. Just seems silly.

    • Lesson number one. You will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it

    • well I wasn't expecting us to be buddy buddy but at least be cordial. I just figured he deleted me because we hadn't talked in a while and I don't look at this snaps so there was no point in keeping me as a social media friend.

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  • 2 reasons... either he's trying to get a rise out of you... or he's trying to move on...


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