Ex deleted me from social media?

So I broke up with my ex a few weeks ago. It seemed mutual, but he wanted to try to make things work between us, even though I didn't. He was a great guy, but we didn't have much in common. A few days later he removed me from all social media. He also removed my family members. I chalked it up to him needing space to move on, and not wanting reminders of us popping up (me posting). But, now I'm worried that he hates me. He hasn't called or texted since the break-up. I've been going out and having fun, and I think he might have deleted me because he knew I would, and doesn't want to see any pictures that he probably thought I would post. Are there other reasons why an ex would remove you from social media? Does him removing me pretty much mean getting back together isn't an option?
Ex deleted me from social media?
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