Tell me, why wouldn't your block your ex ( bf / gf ) on social media after you broke up with them? Be honest! ?

So tell me whats the point of keeping your ex lover on fb, whats app etc.., if you make it clear to them to move on, that it's over, and how much you hate them and dispise them.

yet you keep them on social media, eventually answer a phone call they make etc...

Maybe im wrong but if you hate someone , and you tell them you don't like them anymore, why won't you just bann them and delete them from all social media. I think it's hypocrit to say one thing but dont follow up with any logic actions.
  • 1. I still think about him or her, i want to keep open lines of communication without contacting him or her. Maybe one day we can reconceile
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  • 2. I want to see how her or she is doing, i did love them beforet the break up
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  • 3. I just want some distance but i dont want them completely out of my life
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  • I didn't read your description.
    I'm just going to answer the question.
    If I was to delete them off of social media, it would break the whole " we can still be friends " suggestion.. it actually helps me move on, why would I be stuck thinking of someone that no longer means nothing.. seeing that person move on with someone else would encourage me to go on with someone other than person.

    I read the description.
    Haha so basically I wouldn't hate or despise them ( whatever that means ).

    • so yes, you confirm what im actually thinking. Some girl that liked me, she was weird, she started to ask me how we would call our children etc,,, just weird, deleted me and i can't care about that, but the girl i have been intimate with, made it absolutely clear that she doesn't like me , which is weird because she did, and when i asked her if she truly liked me she couldnt answer , because then she would be contradicting herself. she hates me, im a bad person, she is scared of me etc... bla bla bla, tells me to move on and forget about her, but ignores me when she saw me with another girl, while she was the one who said, if we cross each other on the street, we can just say hi and be friendly, i agreed. if she is scared of me and hates me, why doesn't she just block me on social media, she has done it before, more then once... without even concidering to talk to me first. i dont understand her at all, i block people i dont want to see or hear off, even old friends

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    • Aha so this about you. Dude, just move on. If you're aware that she's blocking you then obviously your still stuck thinking about her. Can you not just walk by her without feeling like you've been together forever and just broke up? When you haven't, you weren't even dating, right?

      Well, don't listen to me.. i'm way to young to know, right?

      I'm confused.

    • well not particulary about me, but in general. I ve blocked family members from social media i wish not to speak to, im not going block her , and neither is she blocking me. the best part is, tried talking to her, she blocked me , then i wrote some horrible stuf about her on fb, she got a hold of that, deblocks me from all social media, she hates me, is angry with me, and yes i was wrong for doing that but i had my reasons, and it was the first time i go angry with her. you see , it makes no sense what she is doing, note this, this girl miscarried from me, i had her on the phone Thursday, and she said it was better she miscarried, she did cry about it, she told me it was my fault she miscarried, and so i decided to tell her i was naieve in wanting a child with her, unprepared and that it was better, she is already a single mom, so she gets upset and asks me why you think i can't raise 2 children on my own. so i find it hypocrit off her, to hate me so much but keep me on social media

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  • its kind of a love hate thing. Im still friends with the girl who rebounded on me on fb even though i shouldn't be


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  • So they can inevitably snoop on my page and see how better off i am without them

    • thats childish, you loved that person once , i think you aren't being honest. you want them to see you, because deep inside you still care enough about them to make them jealous. if you didn't care about them, you would just delete them, bann them and tell them to get lost.

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    • Basically the two girls below are saying what I'm saying.

      You won't ever get it. Gender difference. I guess

    • i guess thats it then, i tried understanding her moves and actions but they won't add up. do i want her back yes, and she knows that, its a commen fact that men try to solve everything with logic, while women mostly base there decisions on current events or emotions. She blocked me more then once, for minor things or things i didn't do. never willing to see me again and later add me and just remain intimate with me without ever looking back but that was before she miscarried

  • I wouldn't block them because I just don't care. If they want to block me they can, but honestly I don't have much of a reason to block them unless our break up was bad, and even then I don't have a real reason not block them.

    • you wouldn't care about what, reading their posts. my break up was pretty bad in the end, mainly due to her not willing to speak with me as an adult. so i got furious about that and the whole situation around it, and wrote some horrible stuff about her on fb. yes i regret it a lot, but she did way more unacceptable things then i did. she already blocked me by then, she only found out through others. now im available on all her social media again, why, no idea. i want her back, but it doesn't make sense i dont know what to do, i want to keep some distance and show her through fb im looking good, working on myself and show her im not that bad person she makes me out to be

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    • ok so why not unfollow them, you never dumped a guy and kept him on social media because you still had feelings for him, no matter how bad the break up was, if there are emotions involved there also must be feelings involved

    • No, sometimes I just can't be bothered to go through my friends/following list on social networks and unfriend them. I barely even use many social networks. I have about 3 or 4 ex-best friends that I still have as "friends" on my snapchat. I don't care about them anymore, but even when I did. I still never removed them. It wasn't because I wanted to see what they were up to and it wasn't because I felt like maybe we would reconnect at some point because I never wanted to talk to them again and still don't. The reason they are still my friends on snapchat? I'm not going to go out of my way to delete them. That takes time and effort! Same would go with an ex. I wouldn't delete them either most likely. It's not because of feelings, it's just because I'm too lazy. Haha

  • three reasons 1. not all breakups end in hate, some are amicable. maybe i dont hate him. or 2. to spy on them or 3. because i'm doing so much better without them. :)

    • true , 2. why would you spy on them? but im talking about people that are being dumped, not the dumpers, so yes if you were dumped, it would be awesome to show your exes you are doing fine without them, but to the dumper there is no reason to keep their exes on fb if you just hate their guts. it would only get worse if you see them having a great time

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  • I dont do social media. Gag is the closest I get.

    • not a big fan of social media either, plus 600 friends serious, online admirrs i dont need them, i just need 1 person to admire me and that would be my gf, stay far away from social media, it does more bad then good

    • I dont have any social media accounts. No face book my space or ither ones I dint even know off. I heard blow jobs come easy on tinder so I've been thinkibg about that. But I don't know blow jobs come easy anyways but really who can have too many blow jobs.

    • well im looking for a friends with benefits as well, but not to sure about tinder

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