Why would an ex boyfriend block you from all social media?

My ex and I were best friends before we ever dated. I didn't realize I had feelings for him after a year of our friendship. We dated for 7 months and were official for one month. We see each other 2-4 times a week due to being involved at the same church and having the same friends.

Now, we broke up in good terms. We did not speak for over a month and then he was slowly trying to say hi to me at church but I would ignore him because I didn't know if I should say hello back. Well, about a week ago - He sent me a snapchat and I decided to reply back (very casual conversation), we continued to talk on it for 3 days and randomly in the middle of our conversation after I click sent... It said it was pending.

One of my friends confronted him about it and he shared how it is best for him because he is not over me. Which I am not over him as well but I would still like to have our friendship even though its hard for me to see him as a friend.

Well later that day, He unfollowed me on instagram, Twitter and deleted me off facebook.

Note: I never contacted him about any of this.
Then a few days later, I realized he blocked me from all social media.

I never contacted him after all of this happened and the only time I talked to him was through snapchat for those couple days.

Why would he block me if I didn't do anything wrong? I wasn't pestering him or anything. We only broke up because he just doesn't have time and isn't ready for a relationship.

I show that I am happy all the time - I am pursuing the ministry, work 2 jobs and go to college full time so I post a lot of positive things on social media. I am not one to show that I am hurt or upset over a break up unless I am super close to share with someone. And when we were friends on social media - even after we broke up, he would like all my stuff (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc).

So why would he block me?
Why would an ex boyfriend block you from all social media?
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