Why did he block my messages, but still stares at me excessively?

A guy friend and I had a flirtatious relationship, in which we later decided that we wanted to do more, however I found out that he was talking to different girls and kinda angrily told him "No thanks" to the relationship, but we could still be friends. Yet, sometimes he speak to me (very low though), he sometimes goes out of his way to be around me and I catch him everyday staring at me excessively--he watches me walk by or down the halls, but when I look up at him he puts he stares away. Anywho I tried sending him a message on Facebook about our friendship, but I discovered that he blocked me on Messenger. I basically would like to know, why would he continuously stare at me but block my messages? What does it mean? Please help me out. Thanks for everything.


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What Guys Said 1

  • maybe he block you from when you two had that gossip trouble and just hasn't unblock you since. If he only starring at you and not talking to you expect on rare occasions, I would be at least be a little creeped out on what he wanted. Maybe because you told him no he wants you more now. tbh I would just leave that guy alone and move on


What Girls Said 2

  • He's a creep. If someone does something like that, it's really not normal. I almost want to say he has some kind of psychological or mental problem here. Keep an eye out for weird things and stay away from him. Take care!

  • You're probably imagining him staring at you you can't notice someone staring unless your staring yourself and in that case he could be thinking.. What, the, fuck! He blocked you so he doesn't want to speak to you means nada

    • Well you actually can tell when someone is staring at you, but thank you for your insight 😉

    • It's called “gaze perception" but also whenever I look up and I find his eyes just staring at me... I kinda take that as a cue. But thanks again.

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