Will he miss me more if I completely disappear from his life? Like I mean completely? No contact blocking him from social media everything?

Will it make him miss me more? Or will it make it easier for him to forget about me? Won't the curiosity keep me on his mind?


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  • It sounds more like you have him on your mind. even though he has you on his.

    • I definitely still think about him. I took him off social media for my own sanity. But I do hope it makes him miss me. I'm not gonna lie

    • Awe. What bone head thing did he do?

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  • Make him miss you more cause there will be a permanent scar in his brain remembering how you ghosted him. If you speak it out he will able to prepare himself and make himself feel better.

  • don't delete him, believe me I thought it worked like that too. I deleted my ex for a year and ultimately she moved on, but we did talk a year later and unblocked her.. but we had both moved on already

  • both

    • missing my ex hurt so bad, worse when she was completely gone
      but when she was completely gone I could also go about my life better

      Just put it like this:
      hurts worse but less frequently when she's gone completely
      hurts less but more often when she's there

    • Thats a really good statement and so true!!! Ultimately I'd like him to miss me enough to reach out to me. I still have feelings but not as strong. But I would like him to miss me enough that he contacts me. That isn't why I cut off contact though. I did it for myself. I couldn't stand seeing him every time I turned my phone on.

    • yeah contradictory yearnings, i feel you. Sucks ass to be honest lol

      *hugz*. feel better soon

  • it will make it easyier to forget you


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