If I leave him alone will he miss me?

Me and my ex of a year just broke up. And it was all because of a misunderstanding. He thinks I lied about talking to a guy friend when I'm the one who showed him the texts showing him it was NOTHING. He's always been insecure so I tried to always make him feel the best he can that I would never hurt him. We were fighting a lot when he asked me about this so that's why he broke things off and he's saying it's for good. I've never seen two people love eachother like me and him do. Just last week he told me he could never be without me no matter what came our way as long as I don't cheat or lie. Well now since he thinks I lied he's saying nothing I do or say will get him back.. I'm so scared he will never be with me again. I've constantly texted him telling him how sorry I am and I'll never give up. But it's getting me nowhere. I'm also scared to leave him alone because he's the type to think if I don't try then I never cared. So I don't know what to do. If I leave him alone do you think he'll come back? I honestly don't know what to do without him. Not that I can't be without him or that it's impossible. I know if I have to move on I can, as long as I keep praying and ask for strength I'll be okay. But I simply do not want to be without him. He's my first true love and he's my bestfriend. We've had such a good year but since he's mad he's acting like the bad out weighs the good. I know he lashes out in anger when he's mad so I don't even believe half the stuff he tells me. But I'm so scared he's done for good. What do I do?


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  • listen am just like him you know am a copy of him I can forget any thing except lying and cheating if I love girl more than my self and I had cough her lying I would never get back to her because I can't live in fear I will think any thing she said is a lie so its easy to break than live in fear and I will do this with the girl I love only because if I don't live her I wouldn't care if she lies or fuck another guy but the one I love I can't act like nothing with her.
    the only way I would get back to her only if she proved that she wasn't lying and the prove should be strong
    I hope that my opinion helped

    • But he says I lied about texting a guy. And I showed him the text and the text was me talking to my friend about how much I missed my BOYFRIEND. So I made sure the guy knew I'm still all about my boyfriend. How can he not forgive me for something like that?

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    • he didn't believed you or he just want to break up with you

    • I don't know what to do
      if you kept trying to get him back for a million years he won't be back if he didn't believe you
      and if he did accept the fact he can't live with a lie also he won't be back even if he miss you like hell he will push him self away

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  • It's possible that he was just looking for an excuse to break up with you.

    However if it's not, his perspective of the misunderstanding could mean that he is angry and not ready to see what really happened. If that's the case, you could back off and give him space for a bit. Alternatively try a hand written letter? I always think it seems a bit less attention seeking (i don't mean that in a bad way, it's just that texts and calls etc make a noise that demands immediate attention) so he might be more inclined to look favourably on it. It would also allow you to explain more fully and carefully

    Good luck :)


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  • Don't be all up on him, but shoot him an occasional text to see how he's doing. He'll probably calm down, and hopefully come to his senses. If not, frankly, you're probably better off. Dating needlessly insecure people is exhausting. If you HAD lied or cheated, you'd deserve what he's doing, but if you didn't he's an asshole. You don't treat people you love like that for no good reason. If I were you I'd lay off entirely and if he comes around, have a nice long, honest conversation about what's acceptable and what's not. He might need professional help. Either way, you probably don't deserve the torment.


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