Ex unfriended me on snapchat but not Facebook? I've posted more than usual, did about going on parkway with great friend & going hiking?

He broke up with me but said we could try and be friends and 'we may date in a few years and try again' (lame I know) I've updated my snapchat a lot more than usual since we broke up it's been a week, I posted a selfie, a weather picture, and a snapchat about 'great night on the parkway with a great friend, going hiking next weekend' not 5 minutes after seeing them, he unfriended me on snapchat but nothing else? I'm so confused. I've updated snapchat a lot lately so why block me now?


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  • probably didn't like what he saw

    • Do ya think he's mad or not over me? He's almost 26 broke up with me over text.

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    • So my best thing to do would be move on from him? I guess I'm so upset that he unfriended me on snapchat, because for someone who's trying to win him back, I feel like that's not a good thing that he did that.

    • yes move on he has with this other girl

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  • e probably doesn't like what he sees. Were you with a guy friend in any of those snaps?

    But... He broke up with you over text, is rude to you, and tries to lead you on with the,"maybe in a few years crap."

    Fuck this guy. He's immature as fuck. Delete him from your facebook.


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  • I agree. He probably didn't like what he was seeing or maybe he just wants to get over you and watching your snapchat stories keeps bringing back memories and feelings. I did that before with one of my exes. I didn't want to see what is life was like without me because I wasn't just over it so I just deleted them off social media.


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