Why is my ex listening to sad breakup music?

She seems happy on social media but her public music profile has songs with lyrics so eerily specific to our breakup and so depressed-sounding that it's hard to believe she's really moved on. It's been 4 months and we were together 3 years. She was devastated the day of the breakup but has been acting happy since within a few days of the split. She says she hopes the best for me and she's dating someone new (very strong signs it's a rebound). What's going on?


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  • I think she's probably upset. Sometimes girls like to give the illusion that you haven't hurt them as they don't want to appear weak or let yo u see you've got to them. I'm sure she'll get over it in time but naturally she's pretty hurt after a recent break up.


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  • Chill maybe she just likes these songs. There are some pretty messed up songs which i like and none of them have anything to do with my life - just my taste in music.

    • It's the context of everything that's going on that makes it hard to believe she just likes these songs

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  • I listen to sad songs too all the time but it doesn't mean I want my ex back. It may just be easy to relate to that's why.

  • She's not actually happy just hiding the pain.

    • I'm giving her space to let her new thing with the guy play out, im hoping I can get her back down the line. Is that a really stupid thing to hope for?

    • It's possible but don't get your hopes up.

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