Can you reconcile with someone you briefly dated if you had a bad breakup?

Briefly dated like two months, we both had feelings for each other. Had a really bad time in my life when I met him and worked a lot on myself afterwards. The breakup was an absolute mess. :
Is there any hope? I want to reach out to him in a few months if I'm ready, as I still feel strongly for him, but I'm not sure if there's even a point in it.


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  • you can if you're willing

    • I'm willing but I don't know if he is. He told me not to contact him again and messaged me a while later (a compliment about a picture that was posted of me and a friend)... I blocked him to give us both distance and focus on changing into a better person now and would like to reconnect with him in three months when things cooled down.

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    • Thank you so much

    • feel free to contact me on private if you need any extra advice anytime, cheers

What Girls Said 1

  • If it's bad? Very very very unlikely

    • Oh well I guess it's best to leave things be

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