He broke up with me because of my past?

I was really happy with a guy and we were good together and then he broke up with me out of the blue. I found out a week later it's because he found out who I have slept with in my past. I've only slept with a few guys and after I was in two abusive relationships I hooked up with two guys (different times obviously and in the space of two months, and five months before this relationship) I didn't know these guys were friends with my boyfriend. He found out through somebody else and broke up with me without an explanation until now. He's angry and thinks I'm a slut, said he's insecure about this and he can't put the thought of me with them out of his mind so he doesn't want to be with me. But it only happened when I was depressed and low after bad relationships, I'm not sure what I can do. How can I get him to trust me again?
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I just wanted add that he's slept with 15+ girls while I can count mine on one hand
He broke up with me because of my past?
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