Strange question, but what does it mean when a guy pats a girl on the back?

so this guy in my class and I have been friendly flirting, he's called me cute and pretty and we look at each other a lot, but the other day he came into class sat next to me and said hey hows it going and then pat me on the back while sitting down...and I don't know I've never experienced that and felt like he's not into me or something, because guys usually do that to other dudes, so am like one of the dudes or am I a potential for him?


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  • My vote goes toward nervousness. My friends and I once noticed a while back that a lot of guys who have NO idea how to appropriately touch their crush (or even their girlfriend) often do this awkward back pat/back rub thing. My guess would be he's at least a little into you and doesn't know how to show it.

    • Youre right, because after he pat my back he sort of just looked at me to see my reaction too, like in a self conscious sorta way so may be he was nervous lol. My friend said he doesn't wanna make it obvious in front of our classmates by flirting openly because its embarassing lol, thanks for the answer

    • No problem. Hope everything works out the way you want it!

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  • hes probably nervous and didn't know what to say, but if he thinks your cute and likes to talk to you, your potentially Girlfriend material.

    • Oooo I seee thank you =]

  • depends. are you cute? he's definitely not afraid to touch you so it may be a friendly pat.

  • It could really mean anything. Guys touching girls means some degree of comfort with them generally (you at least know they're OK with you touching them generally), but really it's hard to say whether it means interest or if it's more of a friendship thing. Judging from the scenario you've given I'd say more of an interest, but really you're reading a little too much into what probably was nothing serious :P


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