Does a girl touching a guy's back have the same meaning?

I made friends with a bunch of girls this year. I noticed when I am sitting there they come over place their hand on my upper back, say hi etc and leave it there for a bit. Similarly if They are sitting with me and leave they do it again. or if they are far away they smile and or wave to me.

Thanks for the answers. The girls I have noticed doing it are the socially outoging one but they don't seem this comfterable with other guys. There is one girl I have been meaning to ask out and would feel really bad if I gave these girls the wrong idea.


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  • This is actually a good question lol.

    Honestly I guess it can depend on a girl's personality but also it could mean your pretty hot and all the girls like you :P

    I'm not really the girl to go all touchy feely or whatever but I do sometimes do this with a guy I like. It's also considered flirting too ;) lol. So yeah like Knowmeyourself said, identify the kind of girl that does it and if she does it with other girls or other guys, it probably means nothing. If she seems to be doing it with you and some other girls, it could mean she likes you and it really comfortable with you.

    Good luck =)


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  • If you're seemingly confident & social but not forward like other guys then that makes you of interest but a bit of a mystery. which is good. Girls that touch you are unconsciously signalling attraction even if they don't consciously know it. The conscious is good at making up excuses. There's other signs which are clearer, body language they do when they're talking to you. You should certainly isolate the one you like and ask her in some fashion to spent time with you.


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  • With me it's weird.

    If I touch a guy and sorta leave me hand there for more than 3-4 seconds, It's more than "I just want to be friends".

    If I do a slight rub with a circular motion, I probably have stronger than usual feelings.

    That's pretty complicated =P

  • i personally touch guys I have feelings just not open like that with guys I don't like...

    and I'm a shy quiet type of girl so...

    but I also know that some girls are closer to guys as friends and are naturally friendly-flirty and give guys hugs and rest their arm on his shoulder and give hi 5's and touch backs like patting, these girls usually are very social and extroverted, may be party a lot

    so I guess it depends on girls personality is she a shy modest girl or outgoing social butterfly?

  • Some girls are really touchy with no reason or meaning. Don't you just notice girls kissing & hugging all the time? but not all girls are like that. If the girl isn't like that but is touching your back, shoulders or hair she's really into you. She feels comfortable around you & has a crush on you. So, identify the girl first; if she does this with all friends then it meant nthn if not she has smth for you :)

    & maybe your back is really compelling! :D


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  • I don't think so. Some girls are just touchy. I have a female friend that is like that. When we stand next to each other and if I don't hear her correctly she will wrap her arm around my shoulder and place her hand on the back of my head (like she is gonna kiss me) then speaks directly in my ear. I know she doesn't mean anything by it or is interested in me, she's just like that.

    • lol what a tease, she might have a thing though, how do you now she doesn't like you.

    • lol. Because you're right she is a tease, that's just her personality type. I have seen her around guys she does like and she gets nervous. She is just "comfortable" around me, I guess.

  • Well in my situation, the girl touches me daily and if we are near each other it can be even more. I want to know if when she touches my lower back or rubs it if she actually is flirting or just really comfortable with me.
    My most recent encounter involved her walking around me and gliding her hands across my back and shoulder as she passed me though there was space for her to get around me.


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