Do girls ever regret breaking up with a good guy who genuinely cared for her?

So it's been about 6-7 months since the breakup, and I've made good progress, but some days I really miss this girl. She was my first love, and I thought I was hers as well. We were doing well the first 6 months, but then after that, things just started to crumble. We started to argue a lot, she barely made any time for me. Probably only saw her once every two weeks and talked to her on the phone maybe once every few days. I was in college and she was a senior in high school so were both busy, but I still made time for her cuz I cared for her. I stayed in town for college not for her, but cuz the school gave me an amazing scholarship. We'd argue a lot about this issue but I would lose the argument cuz I'd rather not lose her, but I just wanted her to appreciate me cuz she said she loved me but her actions didn't prove it and she only made first contact when she wanted something. But she's a good person. She suffers through depression and had a rough upbringing but I supported her. But she broke it off with me cuz with everything in her life, she couldn't afford the burden of being in a relationship. I usually went above and beyond in being the boyfriend. Got her flowers all the time, surprised her with food, always made time to hang out with her and her friends, her family loved me, and I wasn't a pushover, but I was very nice cuz I'm just a nice person to everyone. But she can very selfish while I'm very selfless usually. Anyway, she broke up with me the day before Valentine's Day and it hurts cuz ever since the breakup, she's been playing the victim and giving me a bad name even though she dumped me. Yeah, I blocked her and deleted all our pics after a few weeks, but only cuz my friend found her on tinder and I was heartbroken cuz I assumed she moved on. She's tried to contact me, but she doesn't want a relationship and she only wants to hookup. That's it. It hurts cuz we dated for almost a year and she doesn't have any feelings for me anymore. Will she regret it?
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If any girls or guys could share any similar stories, insights, or advice, that would be awesome. I just don't know what to do sometimes
Do girls ever regret breaking up with a good guy who genuinely cared for her?
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