Why is my ex-boyfriend keeping tabs on me? Boys what do you think?

Me and my ex broke up about 3 months ago after we had been together for 2 years. I'm not over him at all ( and I'm the one who did the break up, worst mistake of my life) I am not a jealous person not even a little bit, a lot of people think its weird I just think there's no reason to be jealous of anyone. Well my ex is hanging out with this girl. its nothing serious prob just rebound for both of them. Well my ex keeps calling my best girlfriend and trying to keep tabs on me, and then was disappointed when my girlfriend told him I don't keep tabs on him and what he's doing and who he's with like he's doing to me, My girlfriend did tell him though that I am doing stuff to work on me right now and that I told her if he needs to go sew some oats for awhile that's fine but when he's ready to settle down I hope we can find our way back to each other. I know he cares about me and may even still love me just won't say it because I humiliated him by moving out, I just don't get why he's so concerned about who I'm with and what I'm doing. I've made it perfectly clear to him I want to work things out and he's not willing. What the heck is he doing? its like if you don't want to be with me don't ask my friends what I am doing simple as that!


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  • You are very logical in what you expect of people in their interaction.

    However, if you broke up with someone who wished you had not, that means you're not logical in your relationships.

    Most people are logical in there relationships, and not logical in their interaction.

    This is the challenge you are faced with.

    He is doing what everyone else would do.

    I'd say the two of you just need to talk and reach an agreement.

    Good luck!

    • Well I just hope he gets back to his old self, cause the guys he's acting like right now, I have no idea who that person even is and he was my best friend!

      thanks for the advice I think you have a great point on logical and not logical! def something to keep my mind open to. =)

      def need your luck! thanks!

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  • I don't know if you are not jealous. why do you care who he is with, why do you compare what he wants to know about u, with what you want to know of him.

    I think I am not clear on why you moved out, perhaps you only want him, because you cat have him. he may simply be trying to get over u. I don't know but why don't you talk to him, instead of us, he is still with in your reach - so go find out what has to say the come and ask us


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