My ex boyfriend thinks everything I post is about him. What do I do?

My ex boyfriend and I stopped talking to each other 7 months ago or so. The last time we talked was when I wished him a happy birthday on whatsapp.

Anyways since then he has told friends that I have tweeted or that's my statuses are about him. At no point have my statuses been about him at all. The other day I put up a status on whatsapp that said 'team no sleep' due to my crazy schedule with uni and stress. He went to some mutual friends told them that my status was about him and got angry. It had nothing to do with him though.

Why would my ex think that everything I do is related to him? How do I convince him it's not? I haven't spoken to him at all over 6 months..


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  • Don't waste your time caring about what your ex thinks... Especially if you haven't talked to him in 6 months. His problem, not yours.

    • I don't care about him and I am currently seeing someone else. But he's walking around and telling other people that my statuses are about him when they are blatantly not.. it upsets me

    • He wants your attention.

      Unless you can sit down a reason with him like adults, what can you possibly do? Id be nice to have him served a defamation suit. although its frivolous, it would send a clear message. A strong bluff in my opinion.

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  • at first i thought maybe subconsciously u were but no sounds like he wants attention , on sites like fb u can set it so he can't see ur posts even just him

    • I deleted him off facebook a while back and he's been referring to my twitter and whatsapp statuses.

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  • Tell him ain't shit about him. He just wants it to be about him when it's not.

  • Just block him from seeing your stuff if he's going to be childish and overreact like that.

    • Thanks. I'll try and do that

    • Or you can deliberately write a message saying "so this guy likes to read my statuses and think they're about him. Well this one is for you! Get a life. Bye."

      But funny as it is I don't recommend it as much!

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