Why would an ex boyfriend ask how my love life is going?

my ex and I ended about a year ago because he wasn't feeling it anymore with me and fell out of love. we talk once in a while and ask each other how we're doing but this time we spoke was different he asked me how my love life is and if I've had sex yet ...what does this mean ? and how should I respond?


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  • *shrugs* Maybe he's hoping to proudly strut if you have had sex and it wasn't as good as he was. Maybe he's hoping to get a hold of you again because he hasn't found better. Tell him you met a wonderful Italian guy about a month ago and has since rocked your world every night including tonight with an erection that you haven't been able to maintain consciousness on past the third orgasm and that this is a nightly occurrence and that you 're considering following him to hell if it comes to it. If he were that concerned about your love/sex life he should have stuck around.

    • HAAAHAHHA you made my summer. ...that's hilarious ! thanks :)

    • This answer is so poetic :D

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  • YaMez had me laughing TOO hard lol! I would do exactly that and take it a step further! Rub your success all up in your ex boyfriends face. Your sex life is NONE of his business, so why should he be asking? Like that old saying goes 'be careful what you wish for'. Tell him your sex life is outstanding and it couldn't be any better. That will get him SUPER jealous. And your ex could be checking to see if your life is lame so he can feel good about himself...which is really dumb but people do that. Take care!


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  • I agree with YaMez, he's obviously just wanting to rub it in your face if your new lover isn't as good as he was, or trying to get back into your knickers! And again I agree, he should've stuck around if he cares, now all he has for company is his hand! aww shame lol

    Tell him your having the time of your life with your new partner and just make it deadly clear he had his chance and he blew it! LOL


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