Ex girlfriend unblocked me on Facebook and asks friends about me, but ignores me in person?

My ex of three years broke up with me three months ago as she felt she was too young to be in a serious relationship and wanted to be single for a while - despite our relationship being really close and so so good. Unfortunately the two months following this came with many arguments and insults being shared before she finally blocked me on social media and I deleted her number.

A month later I noticed she unblocked me and apparently she has asked friends about me, I haven't attempted to contact her since as up until she unblocked me I had been doing well with the breakup and I don't want to get in contact with her again if it is only going to cause more arguments and getting reblocked (I don't want to block her either as it seems really petty and immature).

However, last weekend I ran into her on a night out and she acted like she hadn't seen me (admittedly I did the exact same) despite walking past each other several times. We are also both going to a mutual friends party next weekend.

I do miss her and I certainly don't hate her, and I know that deep down she knows how good we were together too, and if she wanted to talk to me I'd be happy to.

However I am confused as to why she would unblock and ask about me but ignore me in person? From my perspective, if she had completely moved on and wanted nothing to do with me (which would explain why she blanked me in public) then she would have just left me on blocked and gotten on with her life?

I will add that she is also incredibly stubborn once she's made a decision, and tries to avoid confrontation at all costs, which probably explains her behaviour a bit more, to be honest.
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I'd just like to add that when she first ended things she said that I was the one she wanted to end up with in the end, but she just wanted to be single for now (however this was at the time, I don't know if she still feels this way now - especially after all the arguments), but I'm probably reading too much into this.
Ex girlfriend unblocked me on Facebook and asks friends about me, but ignores me in person?
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