Ex girlfriend calls after saying "leave me alone"?

Going to try to make this short. me and this lady dated for 1.5 years and I had anger problems so I broke it off many times. a little less than a year ago I dumped her and she started dating another guy right away. making this short, I would email her all the time and never really gave her space. Showed up at her house, got shut down and told to get out of her life, she got her boyfriend to call me up and email me to leave her alone also. 3 months ago was when I finally realized I have to leave this chick alone and give her time. 3 months goes by with no contact and she calls me twice and leaves me a voice message asking how I've been and making sure I'm doing well. Does this mean she still cares or wants me back in her life? Ladies, sorry for the long essay. But anyone care to help? Thanks a lot!


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  • I Don't Know

    I Think You Should Call Her & ask

    Not ask whether she has feelings or not

    No,Talk Normaly Like nothing happend

    & Then See How she talks & that

    she might have felt guilty for doing this to you that's all

    or still wants you in her life

    its kinda confusing

    • No no don't even do that, she didn't want you there rememeber? she then moved on, she can't just come back into your life like that, she might just be being friendly too so don't take it like she is wanting you back, she is probably still with her boyfriend so I doubt she will be contacting you to get back with you. Just send her a text asking why she is phoning you when she didn't want you there at all and if she's still with her boyfriend, if she is, she shouldn't be contacting you whatsoever.

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  • Boy, you talk about a toxic relationship. Both of you are playing games -- you dump her and then you won't leave her alone? She has her boyfriend call you to tell you to leave her alone and now she asks how you are and are you doing well? My free advice to you is ... RUN.. Do you really think she doesn't have anger problems anymore? Guess again.. They just don't magically go away. Your ex is an ex for a reason.. I would guess she's between boyfriends and is lonely... And what about you? Are you just looking to settle for something that was fmiliar? This is toxic, Sweetie. I would not respond -- go your separate ways - wish each other luck.. and MOVE ON. If you DO decide to get back together.. I predict you will have the SAME ride on that merry go round you've already ridden. How was the ride? That's what I thought... Be smart and don't do it. She has issues and you two need to stay apart. Hugz.

  • I think she just needed some space for a little. She probably started dating this guy to get you to leave her alone because she was tired of your angry fits and just wanted a break. After you finally left her alone after the breakup, she was able to relax and think things over and get the break she needed. She still probably cares for you, but it may be as a boyfriend or just a friend. Either way, you should start things out slow and talk just as friends and then see where it goes.

    Ive had times where I just needed space and didn't want to be around my boyfriend or an ex. After a while of having space, then I can go back to talking to them. While mine have ended up talking just as friends, I'm fine with it. just take things slow, but deff talk to her as a friend to start. She probably just needed a break and time to think things over. It happens.


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