I told my ex girlfriend to stop contacting me?

so my ex broke up with me feb 5th saying she couldn't balance college and a relationship she was crying when she broke up with me and started crying again when she walked into the house. ( I don't know if I believe what she said) well anyway she kept wanting to be best friends, I told her I couldn't be friends because it hurts to much.

anyway 4 days goes by and she sent me a text saying hi, I ignored it and the next day she removed me from bbm,I asked her why and she said it was to hard to see my status and picture change, well I tried to be friends but I couldn't do it so I told we couldn't talk and she agreed.

so 5 days after she texted me saying " still can't be friends?" I just replied saying "hey what are you up to?" she said just drinking with the boys ( I don't know why she would tell me that) anyway I ended up asking her to come over she said she was tired and was about to go home and go to bed and she also said , I don't think its a good idea because I might try and do something wrong like hooking up"

so anyway I went to bed after that and when I woke up at 7 am I sent her a text saying when you wake up tell me I need to call you and talk to you, so rite when she wakes up at 11 am she calls me and asks what I needed to tell her

I asked her if she wanted to hangout today, but she was having a girlfriend come over who she never seen in a couple of months , I was like alright that's fine then I asked her why she texted me last night and she said she was drunk and maybe wanted to invite me out, but after that I told her nicely can you stop texting me, and she said sorry I won't do it again so I said goodbye and when she said bye it sounded like she was crying.

like I want her back so bad, but I just can't be friends right now, she doesn't want a relationship and she said the chances of us getting back with each other are slim, so why is she texting me still?

I'm hopeing I can still win her back my plan is on March the 8th I'm going to start talking to her again and hangout and try and win her back.
I told my ex girlfriend to stop contacting me?
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