My recent ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend, what do I do?

My girlfriend of 2 years and I broke up last week. We had started to fight a lot recently and a very similar thing happened at the end of last year with her and I which resulted in us taking a month break from each other. Once the semester had finished up we got back together like both of us had planned. The reason I am writing on here and seeking for your help or some answers is because there was very little explanation given to me from her. She told me she wasn't happy, she was tired of fighting, and that she couldn't do it anymore.

It was unexpected because things had been going great, we just celebrated our 2 year anniversary May 8th, I was prime time in love with her. I bought her a promise ring, and even have made her a scrapbook calendar for our one and two year anniversaries. I tried being the most respectful boyfriend I could possibly be and tried to show her that I really did love her with all my heart.

Like I mentioned above it has been a week since we broke up. After we broke up I tried to talk things out but it was apparent she didn’t want to further contact with me so that’s when I cut off all communication with her. I deleted her off of Facebook, stopped texting and calling her, and asked for my things back. She remained friends on Facebook with my family and friends as did I with her family and friends. As I was browsing through Facebook today I noticed a picture up of her and another guy holding each other closely, it was quite obvious from the unmade bed and the closeness between them that this guy was her new boyfriend. I texted her asking her if she was seeing someone and she responded saying yes I am and you are getting in the way of our relationship. I told her I wish her the best with him and I hoped he could make her happy. I have not called or texted since.

I bought a membership to the gym today and am going to try and focus on myself as best as I can. So the point to my story is I’m lost and I don’t know what to do. I love her with all my heart and would do anything for her which she knows. I can’t stand seeing her with this new guy and I want her back. It has been so soon I feel like I don’t matter to her or never did. I know everyone says that this is just a rebound relationship and I just have to let it play its course but it’s very hard. My friends and family have been questioning me if she is the one for me, I have always that yes she is, but my family disagrees. I am a very emotional, sensitive guy and my ex girlfriend is high maintenance emotionally too so they say that we would never work together. What do I do? Do I try and win her back? If so, how can I, or in other words, some advice please? Can someone that’s an outsider please give me your thoughts. I appreciate anyone who is willing to respond, you really will be helping me. Thank you so much and God bless!

My recent ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend, what do I do?
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