My ex girlfriend wants to be fwb?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me three months

ago. I'm still not exactly sure why. It was not a clean

and certainly not a kind, or easy one. Read

my previous questions if you would like to know

details. I have repeatedly told & asked her not to

call or text me. She'll stop for a week or two then

resume. A few days ago I relented & met up with

her. She said she made a mistake breaking up with

me and she had a lot to apologize for. I thought she

wanted to get back together then revealed that she

was still with person she left me for. Then said that

she wanted to meet up and have sex with me on the

side. I was shocked, disgusted & horrified. I told that

she had to decide between him or me & couldn't have

both. I said I still loved her but I wouldn't have sex with

someone I wasn't in a committed relationship with. That if she

couldnt or wouldn't commit then she couldn't have me.

I told her I wouldn't be just friends with her either bc

it was too awkward & painful for me. Then I said if she

seriously wanted to try & get back together then contact me

otherwise dont. That wasn't going to allow her to use

me and hurt me further. My question is did I make the

right decision? Is this girl even worth taking back?

What should I do? Thank you all for reading & responding.

Merry Christmas.


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  • Run far far away. Yes you are right, no don't get back with her, if she disrespects your request for no contact then ignore all contact. Don't open messages, don't answer calls,etc. move on as this is not your problem, ignore her and let her deal with her own issues


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  • First of all if your moral values are more important then don't continue the relationship. If you don't wanna be a boy toy then don't be one. It will lead to a waste of time in the end. She's most likely looking for holiday pleasure... Remember there are plenty of girls out there, keep looking.

  • You made the right choice. She clearly doesn't respect herself, let alone you or this other guy...

    2014 new year new start... Find girl who respects herself...

  • She wants to get back together


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