Ex-fwb wants me to meet his new girlfriend?

My ex-fwb has said he really wants me to meet his new girlfriend.

Once he told me this he was a bit snappy with me in places when I mentioned other guys (this was slightly done to see his reaction but there was some truth to it). I am meeting her soon and in a way I am gutted that we no longer have what we did but as our friends with benefits relationship went on for just short of a year, I got tired of all the drama it causes which makes me think it's a good thing. Plus as he is a good friend I am happy for him.

I am however finding it weird that he wants me to meet her so badly. Me and him are good friends and I assume it's purely based on that reason. I just find it weird that given our history I think it's slightly odd that he is desperate to introduce her to me since I have had s*x with him loads. I highly doubt she knows we were fwb.

Probably overreacting and I don't think he's doing a 'jealousy' tactic at all, am I right in thinking it's slightly weird?

Thanks :)
He's different with me than other mutual mates, some of them have said that he just has a 'soft spot' for me..

Any opinions about it all?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You're just overreacting. He's your fwb, and there's nothing wrong about meeting his girlfriend.


What Girls Said 1

  • I would not meet his gf..for what? that's a ridiculous request


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