Is a guy patting the girl on the back, considered flirting?

he came to class today and sat down and pat my back saying what's up and stuff...? I thought it was weird because guys do that to each other...

oh and he makes eye contact and stares and checks me out too, and called me cute...but seriously pat on the back?


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  • You have to look at his other behavior too. If he pats people on the back all the time, then it's probably not flirting. If he's a shy guy and doesn't really touch people and he pats you on the back, then it probably means something. It's a good idea to take into consideration every aspect of a person's character. Isolated incidents don't mean anything by themselves.

    • well I haven't seen him pat anyone else, but I don't know he's hot and cold

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  • this is not considered flirting..

    in my case : a girl, already had a boyfriend.. took my hand and placed on her breast and asked me to squeeze it.. and another time she lean her breast towards my chest..

    i was like thinking. "whats wrong with her?!"

  • that's not considered sure he's checking you out? try bending over in front of him and have a friend watch his reaction..

    • i don't know he's hot and cold, sometimes he's really flirty and looks at me like he's undressing me with his eyes I saw him bite his lip once and he always says I'm cute and teases me and stuff like picks on me, but then other times he seems detached and just friendly-flirty and pat me on the back that one time...argh guys are so confusing!

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