It's been months since and we never spoke again. What is wrong with this chick?

my r/s with my ex didn't last very long but I know I was genuinely in love with her. still am. I never really knew where I stood with her though. she said she loved me but people throw the word around a lot nowadays. she got over me pretty quickly; met her new guy in school. we remained friends, that was the problem, and I guess I learned why people say exes should never stay in contact after the r/s ends. especially if one still has feelings for the other.

the aftermath was horrible. I got jealous, she got mad. the last conversation we had was a huge fight. she said she never really gave a f*** about me and that I was sick in the head. its been months since and we never spoke again. but I've been hearing from mutual friends that she still reads my blog occasionally and asks about me when she gets the chance. I don't know its just confusing


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  • Many girls do this. The mistake that you made was agreeing to be "friends" with her. The friendship is over when you and someone get together. She wanted you to still be in her life with no sense of commitment coming from her. By being "friends" she can ease off of you slowly. When you break up with someone just cut all communication and move on. Start dating other girls. Don't chase girls. She got a kick of having your attention, nothing more. Never talk to her again, have fun with your life. Move on, and don't fall for the "we can be friends" crap ever again.


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  • She was a jerk, a manipulator, next time test her character and remember this that love is an act not a word or emotion, attraction brings you together but love keeps you together and so you should have examined her character before you gave her your all. Buf you live and you learn, you will get over it, it just takes time.

  • i say make a go for it. if you have been hurtin then talk to her and tell her what's up. if she dosnt want you then be done. =D

  • I don't see anything wrong with her? Why do you think there is something wrong with her?

    The problem here is that you just refuse to move on. The relationship is over. She's not your girlfriend anymore and trying to be her friend is obviously not a healthy situation for you.


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