Haven't seen my girlfriend in almost a month for no reason, should I break it off?

So I haven't seen my girlfriend in almost a month for no apparent reason. I always text/call her and she does the same but for the last couple of weeks she has been working non stop plus she has doctor visits to go to every other day. She says she misses me and wants to see me but today is the second day she canceled on seeing each other because she got called into work. My whole thing is, if she wanted to see me so bad she would make time, hell even when I worked full time I found time for her. So should when I talk to her next should I talk to her about it or should I just save myself the headache and heartbreak and break up with her?

Oh while I'm thinking about it, we've been dating for a little over 3 months, so not too long.


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  • YES! break it off! easier said then done, but that's ridiculous! both me and boyfriend are busy people and we always find time to be together. she says she misses you and she may but you haven't seen each other for a month and keeps cancelling, I'm sorry. no excuse. you deserve better. I would save the bull crap excuses she says to you and the heartache and your time and break it off. there's someone out there that will respect you and be there for you and treat you right. she's not that person

  • Do you like her?

    If yes, then talk to her about it and see if you guys can work something out.

    If no, break up with her.


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