Why is my ex nervous around me?

My ex girlfriend and I broke up two days ago and I saw her the other day. (Note: I haven't contacted her.) When I saw her, she initially tried to give me a little wave, but I waved her over because we agreed to be friends. In fact, she suggested it.. But when she came over, she seemed nervous. She repeated herself and seemed kind of flustered, which I found odd, since she decided to leave me AND wanted to remain friends. If anything, I figured she should be the calm one and me out of it.. But it's the opposite. Why is this?


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  • I just noticed that you had another post related to this.

    It's ABSOLUTELY normal for her to feel and react that way. Breaking up is not as easy as it seems for girls (especially girls tend to be more emotional). Imagine she was once emotionally attached to you and now having to get used to that. No matter how calm she is, it takes time to adjust. Different girls may react differently (e.g. some not wanting to talk to ex, some feeling very awkward to meet their ex, some feeling angry over their ex etc.), depending on how involved were they emotionally with their ex-es, how psychologically ready were they for the break-up, and how the break-up was done.

    Do appreciate that she still wants to be friend you. Just give her time and space to get used to this. all the best x


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  • She feels awkward, My ex was the same way the first time we ran into each other after. I was your ex and sometimes we say things but really mean another. Needless to say my ex and I are no longer friends. It's really hard to be friends with ex's, just give it time.


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  • She's probably feeling really awkward since you guys just broke up. Was this the first time you two ran into each other since the break-up? If so, it's understandable that she'd be a little nervous--probably thinking if you hate/dislike her and such. It'll get better in due time.

    I could say something else, but I'm not sure about the nature of the break-up, so we'll leave the feelings talk aside.

    • Well, outside of me seeing her the day of the break up to get some of my clothes, that was the first time I saw her.

      The break up was a calm one. She expressed that she pretty much wanted the freedom to do whatever she wanted, but wanted to remain friends and maybe see what happens from there. I told her that I wouldn't hold her if she didn't want to stay, but I enjoyed her company so I was fine with remaining friends. However, I had/have no intention of waiting for her..

    • While she is out having her fun and potentially dating/ talking to other guys. Her only legit reason for not wanting the relationship was that she didn't see me as much as she wanted. Outside of that, she tried to say that she wanted to be able to do what she wanted, but I never stopped her from going anywhere and she still did whatever she wanted, so I knew that portion was bull and she just wants to talk to other guys and keep me on the backburner if she can't find anything better..

    • I see, so she may still have feelings for you but wanted her own freedom, whatever that is (you can assume good and bad things from here, I'll leave that to you since you know her). In that case, I'm pretty sure she's just nervous because she doesn't know how to react to you as a friend as of yet.

      It's good that you're able to keep a cool head about this.

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