Why would an ex girlfriend want to keep tabs on you?

well my ex had been contacting me and asking our friends about me. Our friend told me that she just wants to keep tabs on you. I don't understand this because she broke up with me. Its not making much since to me, especially when she has a new dude


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  • Honestly, I don't know "why," she would want to keep tabs on you, but I can say it is perfectly normal that she does.

    I for one, would never ever want to be back with my ex...but I still check out his facebook and email from time to time. I don't know if it is just because we like our decisions to be validated or that we are just incredibly nosy by nature and can't help ourselves. I think part of us does still feel a bit possessive of you and like we have a right to know what you are up to, which sounds really bad I know. On the nicer side, she may also be interested in knowing you are alright.

    Like when I look at my ex's stuff I see that he still talks to all of the friends I practically forced him to go out and make, and it makes me feel good and its a bit of ego, because I realize his life is less crappy thanks to me.

    I also think most women, my self included have this thing where they never really want you to move on. It's a power thing, its a self confidence booster, and we don't necessarily feel good about it. But it usually has nothing to do with wanting you back.

    Especially, if she has a new guy, its probably just run of the mill female "check-ups".

    Sorry if this makes us girls sound ugly, and if its not what you wanted to hear, but its just part of the hard truth.

  • I think she still cares for you - because to be honest, even though its normal to be curious about an ex, I can say that I'm not curious enough about ALL of them to keep tabs on them - I've only done that with one of them. Well maybe two. But mainly one because I was more interested in him.

    Girls don't keep tabs on exs if they didn't care for them. They don't even care to do it more than once.


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