Is being bored a good reason to leave a relationship?

I feel that I have been bored with my relationship of 3 yrs, but can't seem to end it because I do care about the girl, but having trouble picturing us married in the future. Things have gotten boring this past year, we don't really do anything but lounge around and its driving me crazy...even sexually, she doesn't even try anymore...when she is in the mood, she just lays there and I do everything...things have gotten boring.

I feel that this is a lame way to end a relationship...and that if there's a problem, it has a chance to be fixed. I spent 3 years with her and talked to her about it but things never changed.

She keeps putting pressure on me for us to both move in together, (we both can't financially right now) and tells me that things will be a lot better if we lived together. (I think because me and her met in school...we practically lived together then and did to much to soon)


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  • I see this from two different perspectives. Number one it sounds to me like you haven't had a chance to go through your player stage. Every man has to go through a period where he meets a number of women and just has fun. Once you get that out of your system your more likely to focus on finding a quality woman. Also I don't know what city you live in but I'm sure there's an area or surrounding area where there's bars/lounges/clubs you could go out and meet people at.

    On the other hand when you're in a relationship for an extended period of time that tends to happen what did you guys do together when you were having fun try doing those things again, try some new things as well. In the bedroom spice it up make her feel sexy, make her desire you again everything has become to routine between you two.

    • well the thing was we basically lived together as soon as we started dating in college, our dorms were close to each other, since I finished 2 years before kind of put things in reverse. now she just finished college.

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    • You have never had the opportunity to explore the field, I'm not saying you have to be a player but you have to give yourself a chance to meet other women and see what's out there. Otherwise it'll continue to be in the back of your mind. You don't have to go to a club/bar to meet women do you like to read go to barnes and noble, go to museums etc you can meet women anywhere. With that being said 3 years is a long time and if you believe she's special check what I wrote in the 2nd paragraph.

    • Also being shy when it comes to meeting women is from a lack of confidence. If your confident and don't talk yourself out of approaching women you should have no problem at all meeting them, and don't worry if you don't get her number or hook up with her look at it as a learning experience and have FUN. Best of luck with your career that's definitely priority number one.

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  • First of all, maybe you need to stop being so lazy and talking about it being so boring and get your butt off the couch and do something about it. I'm sure your girlfriend feels the EXACT same way. So instead of complaining you might just want to have some fun, which oddly enough is also possible with your girlfriend.

    Secondly, no "quality" girl is going to want to be with some guy that has been whoring himself around, trust me.

    • LOL sorry but whether you want to admit it or not a man has to go through a period where he gets a certain amount of sexual energy out of his system. Why do you think so many high school/college sweethearts don't last forever. You have to grow and experience new things. As this same man becomes older gets his fiances together, takes care of himself and is confident quality women will be interested because they can see he's a quality man. Now no quality man wants to marry a slut trust me.

    • I try to get her to do things but she complains she's tired from work all the time, and just wants to hang in. Neither of us have friends to hang out with, so we don't even have anywhere else to go to just hang out with other ppl.

      As for the whoring around, I'm not that kind of guy, even if I just got a chance to DATE other girls to see what else is out there. sex would be a bonus. I lost my virginity to this girl at age 24 and my senior year of I def missed out

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  • Break up with her and have some fun.

    • im considering it, I also missed my whole college experience to date lots of girls to find out who I really want to be with...:(

      sucks I'm out of college and have no idea where to meet girls my age

    • I'm in college now and I'm about to transfer to a big university. My girlfriend and I broke up and I'm not even upset because now I can play the field and see all kinds of different girls in college. Your never to old for college you know. Haha.

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