Why is my ex boyfriend so cruel to me after our breakup?

On the day of our breakup (2 days ago) he told me he was really upset and he didn’t want to ruin me and he’s doing this (our breakup) for my own good. Because he thinks there’s no future between us and there won’t be financial stability for him to start a family because he’s in his late 20s and i’m 20 and still studying, he’s working.

I wasn’t in the right mind yesterday and texted him asking him if he wants to come over and he said “uh no. sorry” so i said “i’m sorry forget it. i wasn’t in the right mind just forget it” and he replied “please don’t ever contact me again. thanks” and i said “do you hate me that much that you don’t even wanna remain in contact?” by this moment i was already full on sobbing so i thanked him for everything and went on with my day.

Later that night i apologised for whatever i said in the morning and told him i didn’t want to end things on a bad note and that i’ll leave him alone now.

He immediately opened my text and read it.

I received a text today from him saying “omfg can you just leave me already? Just move on. Don’t fucking bother me.”

But the thing is i never bothered him since the last text so i don’t get why he’s so angry? He wasn’t like this when we ended things. Why is he so angry and mean now? He’s being so cruel
Why is my ex boyfriend so cruel to me after our breakup?
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