Dumped my boyfriend because he wouldn’t let me see his phone (Please read)?

My boyfriend and I have had an off and on relationship for about two years. He has cheated and lied to me many times. He’s borrowed thousands of dollars and hasn’t paid me back. He took my virginity and was my first love. I am still incredibly in love with him and see a whole future with him.

A year after we started dating, I dumped him because he cheated again before he left back to ATL. We tried to work things out for another year and he noticed that I was pulling away because of his shitty ass effort and fake promises.

Recently, he tells me that he’s grown as a person and is not the same person he used to be. He bought a plane ticket last minute to see me and I cancelled all my plans and took off work to meet him. Throughout the entire weekend, he treated me like a queen and made me feel the chemistry we had again. We even had a long and deep talk about what has changed with him and how he has grown as a man. He claims he has not slept with anyone or dated anyone since moving back. However, he had questionable behavior throughout the entire year he moved back and barely asked me for FT sex.

The night before he leaves back to ATL, I asked to see his phone. He tells me no like I was ridiculous. I do want to add that two weeks earlier, he told me I could see his phone whenever I wanted to without issue. I got upset at him and didn’t want to argue over a damn phone so I left him that night even when he told me not to go and to come back to bed and cuddle with him.

I understand that looking at each other’s phone isn’t healthy but I felt like it was justified. I wanted to be sure he was being real before letting him in my heart again. I feel like I made the wrong choice because he showed me that he really did want to change and treated me great in that one weekend. I think it was toxic that I walked out when he was telling me to stay.

Was in the wrong? Should I reach back out and repair things? I’m still so in love with him and still see a future.
Dumped my boyfriend because he wouldn’t let me see his phone (Please read)?
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