How to confront cheater?

So i met a guy through a dating app sometime in Aug 2020. I thought we hit it off really well, we were really compatible personality and everything. He told me he had anxiety and I was willing to work with him and be patience. His birthday was in Nov and he apparently got really sick. And stop talking to me for about 2 weeks. He blamed it on his anxiety, and he's smoking weed issue. Then when December came along he's grandmother passed away and then stopped talking to me completely. Like I got him a gift for the holidays and he totally ignored me. My phone is old so the messages that aren't sent would randomly send when it decides to work. He got a message in March. He responded and said he was sorry, so upset and really wanted a second chance, made him realize that I was amazing for him in long term and all this bs. I told him he has to make a decision. he asked if I could met him at his work place and he never done it before with another girl. He was serious. And then when it was my birthday in March I told him he has to do something to make it up to me. I met him at his work the weekend before and afterwards he didn't respond, nothing not even a happy birthday. I thought it was cause we argued that weekend, he didn't respond. My friend told me there's an app to text him from another number. I did and he started to say he was in a relationship and then changed his word. I found out he was cheating. I want to confront him. But don't know to do it. I don't want to be a physio. If you need my to elaborate what he said just ask. I need help please
How to confront cheater?
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