Can feelings change/return when meeting up with an ex?

I'm meeting up with my ex in 3 weeks time.

We broke up due to him seeing me differently.

During our relationship, he had been diagnosed with a condition that could kill him at anytime. He couldn't sleep as he was scared of dying. I stayed up and held him.
He would wake up randomly with stroke like symptoms. His family offered no support. I was the only person providing emotional and physical support. There were also more bad things that were connected to his health. He never knew at the time, but this triggered me to have awful insomnia. It got so bad I averaged 2 hours a night.
I became very sleep deprived, I couldn't tell him as I knew how guilty he would feel, and on top of his health it felt unfair. I had a part time job, he wanted more financial help. I applied for many jobs with no success. I didn't tell him as I was ashamed and didn't want to take the hope of a job coming away.

When you are sleep deprived you don't make the best decisions. I regret everyday not telling him about my health and the job hunting. In my sleep deprived state I thought I was doing the right thing. So due to these things he thought I had changed and 'given up' on him and he saw me differently.

On the break up day we said we would meet in 6 months and see how we feel.
In that time I've recovered from the insomnia, lost 80lbs, got a more secure job.
Im back to being fun, switched on, hard working. I have confidence, which i never had before. I've become out going, I have hobbies, I jog, do martial arts. I dress better, look better. Im up at 5:30am, back by 8pm and fit in all my exercise and house work.

When he broke up with me I was a overweight sleep deprived zombie. I'm a completely different person now. I dont even look the same.

When we meet up do you think seeing me with all this self improvment could possibly spark feelings again?

If it works out, I understand things won't be the same. I would want a fresh start.
Can feelings change/return when meeting up with an ex?
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