Is my ex playing games with me?

On Wednesday, I went to see my ex who lives across the country after we split three weeks ago. I ended things because of his interfering mother, amongst other issues.

We had a good chat which got cut short. I asked him what he wanted to do going forward, if anything. He said 'I would like to stay in contact, you've been my best friend, we always laugh together, I don't want to lose that.' I jokingly asked if he was friend-zoning me and he said no, and said it's a 'not a never, just a not now'. He even said he would like for us to meet up for drinks and to hang out when we're both free.

He said he doesn't want to be in a relationship with anybody as he wants to work on himself, totally understandable, same here. I texted him on Thursday to ask how his cat was, he said she was fine, sent 3 or 4 texts, but then ignored my last one. It wasn't urgent, no biggie.

On Friday, I figured I would add him on my socials again since we agreed to stay in touch. He still hasn't responded to my FB request or followed me back on IG. He hasn't declined it, just left it.

Yesterday, I sent him a text asking if he wanted to pick up where we left off with our conversation, as there are still some things that were unsaid. I said I understand if he doesn't want to, but to let me know either way. I also said I was proud of him for how he has been dealing with things and working on himself.

Still not a peep.

I gave him a chance to cut me off when I saw him, I said if you don't wanna speak anymore and leave things there, that's fine. Instead, he said what he said. So why ignore my efforts to follow through on what HE suggested? Wouldn't he block me if he wanted me gone or found me irritating?

To be fair to him, he's had a lot going on in his life (relationship ended, he had to cut off his lifelong best friend, he's started working an extra job that's pretty time consuming, his cat gave birth and has been ill, redecorating), but how long does it take to answer a text or a friend request?
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IMPORTANT INFO - I'm 22, he's 21. We were together since we were 17, we lived together, were engaged, all that jazz.
1 y
He also said he wanted to find out who he is on his own, since we have spent our entire adult lives together. I totally understand this and feel the same way, the relationship had become pretty co-dependent which was another reason I ended things, it's important to be whole individuals first before being in a relationship.
Is my ex playing games with me?
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