He read my diary and didn't say anything for months!!

My ex and I had been together for almost 2 years when I thought I had serious feelings for one of his best friends (I hooked up with the friend long before I met my ex) to get it off my chest I wrote it in my diary..

a few weeks later I broke up with my ex because I realized the feelings for the friend weren't real feelings I just wasn't happy in the relationship.

it has been around 4 months since my ex and I first broke up and in that time we have been casually seeing each other and have recently talked about getting back together.

the other day over a discussion about why he is always jealous of me hanging out with my guy mates he revealed that the reason he is so jealous is because he read what I wrote about his friend in my diary! and he read it just before I broke up with him, so he has been keeping the fact that he read it from me for these past 4 months!

i'm so angry at him for invading my privacy like that, I feel hurt and embarrassed that he hasn't said anything to me this whole time, and I feel like we can never be the same around each other again. he still wants to get back together though.

sorry its so long, I really need some advice or something!


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  • No trust, the relationship will NOT last if you get together, best course of action is to either just stay friends or nothing at all.

    And if you and him do get back together (which I do not advise) then you and he will not trust each other at all leading to fights and hurt feelings. Just save yourself the heartache.


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What Guys Said 2

  • There is no excuse for reading your diary! period! BUT the fact that he kept it to himself for so long must mean something! have you thought about that? maybe he he was too hurt and didn't know how to confront you? maybe he didn't want to expose himself for reading your diary but he did keep it to himself which makes me wonder why. It could be a sign of total trust and commitment which would be great to have in a relationship.

  • All right he's wrong sure for reading your diary... however what exactly did you write about? Before the break up did you write something about this friend that would make him jealous? I feel like you are leaving some things out here.


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  • Wow. Reading your diary? That is totally NOT OK! Does he realize what he did was wrong? woah. I think it's safe to say the trust is broken. What you need to ask yourself is if you do get back together, could you trust him again and get past this?


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