Do girls often cheat on their long distance boyfriends?

I have a good female friend who I know is regularly having sex with another guy while she has a long distance boyfriend.

I have never cheated when I had a long distance girlfriend. And this question is referring to women cheating and not the men.

So, I have a different female friend who I hang out with all the time, and we have a lot in common. She has invited me over to watch movies and one time to go dancing where we did dance pretty close for a bit.

Normally, in either of these occasions I would have tried to get her pants off, but she has a boyfriend. More importantly she has a boyfriend who is good to her. I believe they have even talked about the possibility of marriage.

I get the impression that she wants to hook up, but ignore it since she has a boyfriend. So, I am wondering, is it common for girls with long distance boyfriends to look for non meeingful hook ups?

A girls gotta get laid right?

p.s. she seems her boyfriend every weekend because there is only 2.5 hours of distance. But I get the impression from her they don't often have sex when they are together.
Do girls often cheat on their long distance boyfriends?
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