Is this a good way to break the awkward tension/ice?

I sort of got caught awkward staring/glancing at this guy in my project group.. and he's noticed and once he's stared back after I've stopped looking with a wtf look. Now that the awkward staring/glancing thing has happened, I'm going to see him again for a group meeting. Should I pull out the excuse "hey did you go to such and such a camp, school, workplace etc... you look familar?" even though I know his name and know its no one I would. In his mind would he think that's why there was awkward staring or is it a pickup line lol. I do like him but in my early twenties have no dating experience so that makes me unsure/shy sometimes...especially cz I have been rejected by guys.


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  • That's actually a good conversation starter. It will definitely break the awkwardness.


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  • That could work. Personally if I saw a girl stare at me I'd ask her if she saw something she liked. Since you're a girl you could throw in a wink if you really think he's that good looking lol

    • But what if they

      1) Stare back when they notice and kind of smirk...even after I stop looking?

      2) Or have a 'wtf' expression on their face?

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  • Yeah, that's not bad. It'll get the job done. Of course, it may become awkward if he gives you a weird stare and a "No..." Just be prepared.

    Be sure to have a followup if he doesn't respond in a way that makes it easy to continue the conversation. I'd have an entertaining/funny story prepped just in case.


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