Why does this guy I know bump into me in the hallway?

so this guy I know bumps into me in the hallway if I walk pass by him and don't say hi like I will be walking down the hallway and he will bump into me slash push up against me and sometimes when he's on the other side of the hallway he will swerve and get in front of me and this one time I wasn't looking up and he swerved in front of me and when I moved to the left he moved to the left and he says he doesn't like it when I wear my beats in the hall because he says it changes my facial expression


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  • Has he not creeped you out/do you find him cute? Hug him next time he goes in front of you, look him in the eyes and smile, playfully punch his chest, jokingly say "You must be in love with me if you keep on doing this", etc.

    If you find him creepy/you're not interested, you'll have to tell him to please stop in a serious manner. Say you don't like that he gets in your way, bumps you, brushes against you, etc

  • Because he has very little idea how to express himself so he does something lame is my guess.


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