He said hi to me in the hallway randomly?

Okay I know what your thinking it could mean anything. But we know of each other, but never talked ever. I always thought he was cute. But we never talked. So randomly today in the hallway I was standing with my friend. He says hey "my name" and smiles. I made eye contact with him and I said hi back and kinda looked at the ground after that but I smiled. Is he just messing with me? Can guys tell you when you don't have much confidence within yourself sometimes?
Like I see him in school a lot sometimes all of the sudden he said hi.


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  • Guys are shy just like girls. He maybe does like you and the only way to find out is to have a conversation with him. Invite him to eat or something if you are looking to become friends or even boyfriend/girlfriend


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  • if you like him.. just stay close to him.. boys or girls dont have to be in love with you for start something.. even if he never think that before.. he can think and try.. if you like him.. just ask for coffee or something..


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