Caught boyfriend "sexting" one of his close friends, should I forgive him?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year. The first few months were rocky as he still held baggage from his past relationship. He was insecure and deeply depressed. Things got better for the both of us and I could feel he was falling for me. He went out of his way for me, introduced me to family, extremely affectionate and always making plans with me. We even made long term plans happening next year. All of his friends know about me and I have met those closest to him.

Two nights ago his phone kept going off while he slept, I went to put it on silent went a message from one of his close friends caught my eye. They have been friends for 10 years and I have hung out with her on several occasions. She was saying extremely flirty things, he responded with stuff like "what pants are you wearing?" "I want you here now" "I really fancy you". She then tried to get him to meet up with her and at this point he seemed dismissive then starting to ignore her. It was only one night of texting, funnily enough a night where I ignored him because I was busy with friends.

I broke down into hysterics. When I explained what I had just found he broke down too. He said sorry about a million times and was as white as a sheet. The whole of the next day he lay there stating at me then crying then apologizing. He keeps saying he's insecure and was just waiting on me leaving him as his ex had done. Its his dads death anniversary and he is under a lot of stress. He keeps phoning me and texting me begging me to forgive him. He was a total zombie, I can tell he feels so remorseful and he keeps promising he will never do it again. He said he felt that he was falling for me and freaked out. What should I do?
Caught boyfriend "sexting" one of his close friends, should I forgive him?
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