Ladies, what do you really mean when saying "i will always love you" ? What does that imply for the FUTURE of US? (read details)?

I confessed to this girl i love because she was showing interest and i told her i can't have a relationship now because of some things going on in my life.
She says "there's no goodbye between us. i will never forget you, i will always love you!". BUT hasn't explained herself and i didn't ask.
WHAT does it really mean? Is she leaving an opened door? is she seeing a relationship between us as a possibility for the future?


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  • Honestly, I think she's caught up on you, but don't expect the door to be left open for long, the statement was based on her feelings at the current time. It means that at THAT point sh wanted a longlasting relationship with you, but as you didn't reply, she is probably fighting those feelings down.

    • Yeah, i totally understand she's in love with me. it wasn't something that i wanted to do, but i really had no other option at the moment. I said though that i'll get back at her if she'll still be single. (It sounds crazy. i know.)
      Then she said those things i quoted. Those exact words. And i'm trying to grasp what did she mean by it. Does that mean she would actually be opened to accept me back in the future?

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    • Man it sucks. Some said that if i wanted to stand a chance with her in the future, i shouldn't have told her all this because it's the equivalent of a rejection. but I thought she deserves to know especially bc she was acting interested.

    • Crazy stuff happened after i confessed. Too much info to lay it out here. Thing is we did not talk at all afterwards.
      Anyway... Bumped into this girl on the street recently. (she moved in the apartment building across the street from me. That is one of the crazy stuff that happened).
      I saw her waiting on the sidewalk and she saw me approaching. As i approached, she turned around.
      She turned her back on me. Of course that i passed by and did not go to her. It was more than clear that she did not want to talk. Not that i had anything special to say to her. But how about a "hello" or "hey"?
      What does it mean though? Why ignore me like that? Is she still hurt? Is she hating me?

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  • I only ever say that to a guy if I can't imagine my life without them. I have only said that too one guy, who was my first boyfriend, I meant it when I had said it, but I don't love him anymore, I love my current boyfriend, I haven't said such words to him though.

    So, when she said that, she meant it. She does love you, deeply.

    • I can totally understand you are concentrating on your current boyfriend.
      I know my story is not the same as yours...
      But since you loved your first bf so much back then, that you "couldn't imagine life without him" and told him those words...
      Would you ever consider trying it again, IF everything is right (you are single, he is single, so on ) ?

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    • "I would get back with him if we had broken up because of external factors out of our control". This right here gives me a bit of hope things might turn out fine.
      Though it's kind of hard. She's older than me by 3 years and you know how some feel pressured to get married by a certain age. Don't know. It's even more painful because it wasn't something i wanted to happen, but here i am.

    • No man, just get back with her right now if you really care about her. You are risking losing her for good if you don't.

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