My best-friend who rejected me for losers?

HI! I am just curious to see what you ladies have to say. :)

I have this super good looking friend. (female). I used to like her a LOT a couple years ago, but she was never attracted to me, not even a teeny tiny bit. I eventually just became very good friends with her. Now that we are good friends, We have a very very close relationship. I asked her what features in a guy attract her. She told me she really liked a guy's eyes, and she liked tall skinny men also.

I was extremely upset when she started dating this guy a few months after we had met. This guy was NOT good looking, he was semi overweight, AND he was VERY VERY LAME! lol. I mean this guy was a dud, no personality at all, no humor, no looks, no anything. This guy didn't even graduate high school and he worked at a local supermarket part-time.

Here I am being this amazing friend to this girl basically waving my hands in front of her saying "me me me, pick me!" Yet somehow she totally rejected me in the romantic sense. She went on and has dated several very questionable guys, all of which either cheated on her, or didn't satisfy her.

Meanwhile, we have a great friendship. It does get confusing sometimes though. She makes very sexual comments to me about stuff like "god I just had the greatest orgasm". She will say that randomly out of the blue through a text message. We also frequently talk about sex stuff. All of this, and yet I could never once convince her to be anything more than friends...

I am told by many people that I am very good looking, and I have this natural frame that makes me look perfectly "buff" and thin even when I don't workout or anything for months. Even my guy friends were baffled that I had never dated this "chik friend". They all tell me I am an attractive person, and a very like-able person as well. I somehow managed to make this girl love me as her best friend, yet she has told me she is not attracted to me at all sexually.

All of this doesn't make any sense! What is with this girl? I am 100% fantastic boyfriend material. I am very very loyal, built well, super fun personality, caring, intelligent, educated etc etc yet I totally get rejected by this girl who somehow thinks I am so great but rejected me more than once.

I guess what I want to know is this:

Is there really a "type" of guy who just won't ever be able to win you over? I have tried everything and she told me I'm just not her type. But then why does she talk with me about sex all the time? If we are that compatible, how on earth could she not like me?

I have had a girlfriend since meeting this girl. My Girlfriend told me I was amazingly attractive, good in bed, smooth, caring, and an excellent BF, yet this other girl wouldn't have me.. What is with this? It's not one of those "If we hook up our friendship will be ruined" things. She rejected me before we were friends..

Any opinions and info would be great! Thanks ladies!

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BTW. This girl also complains to me about how "nobody wants her". Does that sound a little messed up when she knew how much I liked her? WE are good friends, but I almost feel as if she is 100% just using me for an ego boost or something(like you said)
My best-friend who rejected me for losers?
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