Why do girls always let me down?

I am 20, a student, average looking. I am NOT the type of guy who just tries to give as many girls as possible my number, nor am I a 'player'. I wait until I am 95% sure the girl likes me before beginning to 'chase' her. and I mean really really likes me such as showing all the strong positive verbal and body language signs such as: playing with her hair, initiating conversations when we meet in person, making eye contact, always smiling/blushing etc.

So over the last few months I have been in contact with multiple girls, each showing strong interest. They are mainly similar in personality, because they are my 'type' (quite shy, intellectual, friendly, creative). So I get their numbers or add them on fb, then I invite them to hang out with me, often with an excuse for doing so such as 'studying together'. They always say yes, but then a few hours before we meet up they text or fb me saying they can't make it, followed by something that's really obviously just a fake excuse. One girl just stood me up without a single message (*bam* right in the feels...)

So I really really don't understand, ladies please help me? What am I doing wrong? Should I make it more clear and clarify that I am after a date with them instead of excuses to be together?

Obviously I understand sometimes people are genuinely busy but this has happened on MULTIPLE occasions now with several girls over the last few months; it really feels like it's not just a coincidence.

The only logical conclusions I can derive are that they simply aren't interested in me - despite the fact that they show all the positive signs.


They are just so shy/nervous and chicken out at the last minute (but how can anyone be THAT SHY? Is this even possible?)

It's my understanding that a girl will move mountains just even get close to the guy she likes...

I really don't think I am coming off as desperate or anything, and it's starting to make me feel pretty low because honestly I am SO sure they liked me, and then I just get let down :,(

Advice please? Sorry if this might have been a bit long
Why do girls always let me down?
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