Am I "Dating" or "seeing each other" or just "hanging" with this AMAZING girl?

So I've been out on 4 dates in 2 weeks with this amazing girl and we plan on seeing each other again this week some time. I'm after your opinion about what this all means. I have been out of the dating game for a while and I'm not too sure how it work these days. So here is the deal...

I'm 26 she is 29. We met online. We've been on 4 dates together and each is better then the previous. On Sunday night I went around to her place and we spent the evening together with pizza, wine and a movie. We had a LONG talk about life, past relationships and what we are both after and I'm pretty sure we are both on the same page and want the same thing... long term, settling down, partner material. We have amazing kisses and we snuggle on the couch o at the movies. We have not slept together yet although she said to me the other night at her place that she would ask me to stay the night but it's "Ladies week", she also said she wanted to invite me in after our 3rd date but that was only a few night before so was also "ladies week". Since our 4th date we have been texting everyday, "good morning" and "goodnight" texts. She calls me "gorgeous", "honey", "sweetheart" but the reason I sometimes wonder is she has also called me "champ", and sometimes she takes a while or won't reply, yet other times she will reply immediately. Today we were texting and at the end of one text I asked of she wanted to do something tomorrow night (she mentioned doing something midweek at the end of out 4th date) but didn't hear back until after I sent her a goodnight text. She said the can't to tomorrow or Thursday but to let her know what days I'm free so we can "hang". I thought the term "hang" meant more of a friend thing? Saying that she ended this text and most other texts with "xxx"

My last couple girlfriends, things have moved fast eg.1) met one day then spent every night that week together. 2) went out of two dates, slept together on the 3rd girlfriend/boyfriend on the fourth. (Although I went to university with this ex).

Also... How much should I be contacting this girl? Continue the way things have been going or ease off?

I'm UBER into this girl and don't want to f**k things up just yet (or at all really)!

I guess I'd really like to hear a girls opinion about what they think this situation means? Any advice would be GREAT!


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  • Wow this is really hard to interpret! But somehow I get the feeling initially she liked you, but now sees you as more of a friend?Btw girls night = singles night. Also girls are also still nice to guys even after they lose interest. I honestly thinks she likes you but is keeping her options open i,e she isn't crazy over you as you are of her! Trust me... when girls like a guy they don't turn them down for a date and call them 'champ' etc. Unfortunately, you might just have to wait and see what happens. My advice is to step back a little bit and leave the ball in her court. Do not call and offer to take her out etc. If she likes you she will contact you. Time will tell! Good luck!

    • Girls night doesn't always mean singles night... maybe to some girls. But for me it's just GIRLS night.

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    • oh I see. well that's completely different then. I actually agree with bob's answer (refer below) good luck

    • and I forgot to mention I think she does like you so don't stress!

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  • It sounds like she is interested in you, but it also sounds like you're trying a little to hard to move things along the relationship path. It's okay if things take time, actually it's better if they do. Her not texting you back immediately doesn't mean anything either, she could be busy or her phone could be silenced. The point is that she DOES get back to you. That's all that really matters when it comes to that.

    It sounds like your dates are going well and you're seeing enough of each other during the week to know that you're interested in each other, but not too often so that it seems like you're desperate or clingy. Don't stress yourself out so much. Just enjoy things at the pace you're going at. You're definitely dating and not just hanging, but I wouldn't call it a relationship either.

    A little tip though, don't overdo it with the texting. A few msgs a day is cool, but don't blow up her phone 24/7.

  • I think she's interested. Definitely! But, I'm in the exact situation. I don't know if I'm prying or being too needy (read my question...pretty please!). xxx is so you don't think she's smothering you, so don't worry about that too much. and 4 dates in 2 weeks is a lot. so you're lucky

  • Hey! So seeing that you guys have great chemistry, I wouldn't be worries about anything... Sometimes people get busy and can't answer right away... But the fact that she hasn't slept with you yet is q good sign.. You know she is not easy.. If you laid out on the table what you want for your future you should have nothing to worry about.. Also, sometimes when girls

    Start to have feelings for a man We can back up a little bit.. I'm

    Sure She's been in situations where she has been really hurt by a guy and does not

    Want that again.. I would suggest to call her instead of texting, it's just much more personal that way... Girls like that .. It makes us feel good... But for now I say enjoy

    The ride and take it for what it is! It will all work out !

    Pls if you don't mind can you help to the question I

    Just posted lol! Thanks!


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  • It's okay to be into a girl, but the moment you smother a new relationship with too much attention is the same moment you kill that relationship.

    If she's long term material then be patient and date her long term.

    There is NO NEED to define such a new relationship. Only after a lot of sex and at least three months together do you need to start defining things. The first three months are going to be awesome, so don't ruin them with labels and expectations!

    And if you're into her then simply stop seeing other girls. Close down your online account until you're looking to meet other girls.

    But don't expect the same from her just yet.

    The only time it's really comfortable to start expecting your partner to stop seeing other guys is after you've started having sex or after the first three months. At least in my books.

    Trust me, it's better NOT to sit her down and define the relationship... because even if she's SUPER into you this is a boring negative approach to relationships.

    She DOESN'T want to know you're totally into her.. let her wonder and stay curious. This is more exciting for her.

    You can SHOW her how great she is but don't turn logical. Don't let your insecurities drive you to smother her with logic and neediness.

    Take it slow, relax, and simply enjoy your time with her. If she's the right one she won't go anywhere.

    You can't control the relationship, all you can do is bring your best self to the table, not the needy and insecure self that needs definitions and expectations from her.

    I hope this helps,

    ~ Robby

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  • It all sounds great but I'd stop and think why she's not taken yet if she's all that great. The problem with dating is that you have no way to really know the person when they're not trying to look and act their best.

  • She likes u