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Can you mend a broken heart?

OK, so you're heart broken. You sit around mopin' , cryin', cryin' So what do you do to recover?
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Has a girl ever dumped you for some other guy and then he dumped her?

How did it make you feel when she told you goodbye and moved on to another. But then he dumped her. Were you laughing that Karma gave her a boot in the ass or did you still want her back?...
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Would you leave your husband if you found out he raids drug dealer's homes to provide for you?

Works a respectable 9-5 job but it's not enough to keep up the life he wants for you and the kids so he ends up raiding drug dealers apartments/home for cash to help you and the kids....
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I reached out to my ex

After realising that my life would soon change completely, I reached out to my therapist and my ex, mainly because those were the most important people in my life at one point. Why my ex? I had high expectations with my...
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Virtual condolences & support to all dealing with a breaking heart. How are you doing? Would you share a song that best expresses how you are feeling?

How are you feeling? Is your heart breaking or already broken? I'm feeling rather down. I feel my heart breaking. It's stressful times. The saddest part is the person who's the cause of my anguish just doesn't understand...
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What are some of your favorite break up songs? How about this one? What are yours?
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Have you ever had a meaner ex than my current one (I’ll share a voicemail she sent to me)?

She broke up with me and started dating someone new. I was chill at first but she is coming after me like she wants to humiliate or sadden me. She posted a picture of her boyfriend on Instagram with a title “the grass is...
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What is your bleeding love story?

Tell us a story. "You are my love story, and I write you into everything I do, everything I see, everything I touch and everything I dream, you are the words that fill my pages. - a. r. asher...
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Do You Need "Closure" From Your Ex? I often hear from someone who has been broken up with that they want/need closure from their ex. For example, I read one person commenting on a message forum that her ex boyfriend...
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Men vs Women after breakup?

You can see the differences in mens and womens reaction after the breakup. Does this apply to you? What do you think? I think this is true when the guy initiates the breakup.
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5 ways to deal with a breakup Break ups are hard. I went through one myself at a young age and cried for days. But there are ways to mentally prepare yourself for a break up before and after. One way is the...
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Is it wrong to want to play this song on a woman's newly ordered piano?

I mean i wouldn't break her piano honest... So anyway i told a woman which song i'd play on her new piano and she decided to ghost me 😂😂😂😂 wow.
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Would you ever thank/credit your ex for any thing?

I’m not saying thank them physically. But like you can admit to yourself that there was one good thing they did for you? I mean i can't stand most those bastards but each helped me to become more independent in some way....
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Saddest breakup song you've ever heard?

I broke up with my ex 3½ months ago and I have moved on. I saw her recently and I felt sad for her. She didn't want the breakup and has been feeling depressed. I started feeling some empathy for her. Then I heard this...
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Whens the last time you got a call from an ex?

That bastard JT just called me... its been a year. He better fck outta here. And even if it was only a month later, i’m glad to dodge that bastard. I ignored his call and hit em with the “who dis, dis my new number”. he's...
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