Videos: Break Up & Divorce

Would you ever thank/credit your ex for any thing?

I’m not saying thank them physically. But like you can admit to yourself that there was one good thing they did for you? I mean i can't stand most those bastards but each helped me to become more independent in some way....
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Saddest breakup song you've ever heard?

I broke up with my ex 3½ months ago and I have moved on. I saw her recently and I felt sad for her. She didn't want the breakup and has been feeling depressed. I started feeling some empathy for her. Then I heard this...
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Whens the last time you got a call from an ex?

That bastard JT just called me... its been a year. He better fck outta here. And even if it was only a month later, i’m glad to dodge that bastard. I ignored his call and hit em with the “who dis, dis my new number”. he's...
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My ex sent me this song. What do you think this means?
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Have you ever had a spouse (or SO) beg you for a divorce so they can be with someone else?

Not something that has happened to me. I've been watching too many cheating tv shows and well cheating in real life with friends and acquaintances. Some cheating and some ended with the other woman getting pregnant. Has...
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Is it bad to have initially crushed on someone because they looked like your ex (a much hotter version of your ex though)?

I mean i always go for looks first but things build up ya know. You realize you like their personality too. So have you ever liked someone because they reminded me you of your ex? I mean i dont feel it means you're not...
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What are you thoughts of online dating?

I pretty much agree with all the points this guy says in this video. 100% 😆
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Dutch Divorce Rate Skyrockets In Response To Alimony Reform. Thoughts?

So alimony is reduced from 12 to 5 years on January 1st 2020 and suddenly women rush to file for a divorce just so they can get a larger slice of the pie. And some people still say that's it's all about love and...
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Were you mean to your ex? Are you sorry now? Do they still want you back, or you them?

I think Ms Elle was mean to her Ex's... what do you think? ...
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Have you ever been miserable in a relationship but found it hard to get out of it? ... and how do you escape from a TOTALLY TOXIC RELATIONSHIP?

Like how can you still be nice but tell them that you want to move on? ... or is it time to stop being nice? It’s like a feeling of being trapped, like you have to become a bad person to end the relationship IT IS SO...
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My wish, can you make it true?
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Be careful dishing out an unqualified diagnosis on your Ex and what Personality Disorder you "feel" they have. This is dangerous..

This is a response, (previously posted as guidance and subsequently blocked), to an individual, who posted a vindictive person's "false victimhood narrative" to explain why consecutive ex-girlfriends removed him from...
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What do you think?

This channel is very helpful. I know their coaching fees are expensive, and that’s why they have these videos for us. Also check out coach Adrian’s and coach Natalie’s videos too. They all have live videos and regular...
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Is this accurate?

I wanna believe that I can get my ex back...
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Don't you think it's really rude and disrespectful to break up with someone in public? I think it is because your embarrassing them and leaving them vulnerable in front of all these other random strangers. I would never break up with a girl in public even if I...
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Should the marriage license expire and require renewal? Would this be beneficial in any way?

I say absolutely! It would be great for a lot of people. Like when it expires, whatever marriage you’re in becomes null in the eyes of the law. It can be a first step into divorce, cutting out a lot of the paperwork...
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#HOESPEAK Do women *REALLY* want equality?
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Can you still love someone who broke your heart and you know you will never be able to have?

I fell in love with a guy when I was 20 so hard that I have never been able to recover. He was 25. I don't blame him for checking me out and dating me to see if I was for him. I mean that is what dating is all about,...
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Are you single and ready to mingle?

I am 😂😭 fck damn 🙈 welp now i dont have to feel so bad when i go to the clubs in Vegas and get hit on and asked to dance. Fcktard let his depression and insecurities ruin us. Anyways, thats all and goodnight folks...
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