Dating Expert Kezia Noble Helps Men Overcome Their Fears

You have to be cruel to be kind,” that's dating expert Kezia Noble's motto when it comes to her clients. She has a no nonsense attitude that has led her to be the leading dating expert for men. Her honest advice combined with her outspoken, extremely direct feedback has earned her the name of “The Bitch With A Heart,” a name she completely embraces.

Since 2009 — the year she started her own company — Kezia has helped over 18,000 men overcome their fears with her bootcamps and Master classes. The goal of these is to give men the techniques and skills to maximize their success rate with women.

Not only is Kezia a world-renowned dating expert she is also a best selling author of “Noble Art Of Seducing” (a guide to pulling any woman you want), a regular newspaper and magazine columnist as well as a guest expert on TV shows across the world.

Dating Expert Kezia Noble Helps Men Overcome Their Fears

Kezia talked to us about her methods, what guys can take away from her bootcamps, how men can improve their self-esteem and if men really need to act like douchebags in order to get a girl:

1. When did you decide to become a pick up coach? And why?

Kezia Noble: I was head hunted in 2006 by a PICK UP company, who had heard about my honest and direct advice. It seemed there were hundreds of thousands of men out there who had been searching for an honest insight into the female mind for a long time, and I believe I fitted into the role of a female attraction expert for men quite easily.

2. Why do they call you the “bitch with a heart”?

KN: Because my intention is for guys to get results, and if that means I have to be harshly honest in my feedback and tell them the truth that most women are too ‘nice’ to give them, then so be it. I believe you have to be cruel to be kind sometimes, and I also make sure that my clients are very aware of my reputation before they book me. My teaching methods are not for everyone, so if a guy wants wishy washy dating advice, and to stay in comfort zone for even longer, then I tell him to go somewhere else.

3. What can men expect to take away or learn from your boot camps?

KN: How to overcome limiting beliefs, how to destroy approach anxiety, how to talk to women, flirt with women and ultimately seduce women. It is important that my clients on my courses don’t just learn about what women want, but to focus also on what they want, and what their goals and principles are too. The process is very organic and all the skills and techniques I teach can always be applied in ways that remain congruent with each one of my clients own personality.

4. Have you ever had a hopeless client? Someone you just couldn’t help?

KN: I have certainly had some challenging cases, but the bigger the challenge, the more I relish the process! The biggest challenge is when a client is not ready to change. He might book a session with me and even sign u to my 7-day Mastery program, but if deep down he has no real desire to change then just going through the motions of attending a session or a course will not give a guarantee him significant results.

5. What separates you from other dating experts/pick up coaches?

KN: Most female dating coaches in my opinion don’t give the direct, no-nonsense and hard-hitting advice and feedback that men tend to respond well too. My aim is to get my clients results, NOT for them to like me or think that I’m a nice person. I want them to leave my session with a new perception, a new feeling of confidence that has endurance, rather than just a quick confidence boost.

I get straight to the point, and I’m honest from the word go, and I feel that a lot of other dating coaches can go round the houses to get a point across because they want the client to ‘like them’ too much.

6. Does your goal change from client to client or is it the same for all of them?

KN: I ask each of my private clients or my 7-day Mastery course clients what they wish to specifically focus on and what their own personal goals are before we get to work.

On a boot camp, because we have around 7-18 men attending each workshop, the skills and methods cover the most common sticking points that men face when it comes to attracting women such as: Approach anxiety, running out of things to say too quickly, failing to make a positive impact, weak body language and the inability to take the interaction from a platonic level to a more seductive one.

7. What holds men back when it comes to dating and relationships?

KN: Fear. Most men have a deep-rooted fear of rejection, and that fear stops from them either approaching a woman at all or taking the interaction to the next level, hence why the world is full of men locked up in the dreaded friend zone. A fear of rejection can effect every single aspect of an interaction, which is why men (and women) seem to attract people they are not interested in more than people they ARE interested in.

8. How can men with low self-esteem improve their confidence?

KN: By building up more and more positive reference points. The more they go out and put their new found skills and knowledge to the test, the more comfortable they will feel with making mistakes, and the more immune they will become to rejection, as a result from that they will get more and more results, and it’s those results (no matter how small) that will build up their confidence. People need HARD evidence that they CAN do it and that they won’t blow up into a million pieces if a women rejects them. A lot of dating/confidence coaches prefer to teach their clients ‘positive affirmations’ based techniques, but I believe that until you can actually see real and tangible results then it’s all just castes in the air.

9. Do men need to act like douchebags in order to get/keep a woman's interest?

KN: NO! Men need to convey strength, confidence and at times they need to take charge, but this can all be conveyed without having to be a douchebags.

Being cheeky and cocky, and not taking crap from a woman is indicative of a confident male personality. A woman has to respect the man before she can be attracted to him, and building this respect never requires a guy to be cruel, unfair or hurtful to woman ever!

10. What honest advice would you give to men who have trouble coming out of their shell (those who have a hard time speaking and flirting with women)?

KN: Firstly if he was naturally an introvert, then I wouldn't encourage him to ‘come out of his shell’ I would show him how to use that introverted nature to his advantage, by coming across as the strong silent type. If he has a deep rooted desire to be an extrovert, then I would show him hot to get out of his comfort zone by either throwing him into the deep end and doing some social exercises that would put him in the spotlight of certain social situations and environments. This would get him to used to taking center stage and once he had got over that initial fear and awkwardness, he will be able to adjust himself in order to get to the sweet spot that works for him.

Her methods are unlike any you've ever seen. I highly recommend you guys check out her website and follow her on Twitter.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I am a dating coach for women, i guarantee success, it's very quick to learn all you need to know, and best of all i am free!

    1. Don't be fat and/or very ugly

    That's it, all you need know to be successful with 80% of the straight male populous, if it doesn't work with the man you want, stop being a hypergamous hoe (pretty sure the chick above will tell you some people are simply out of your league).


Most Helpful Girl

  • I will never understand the whole dating nonsense because I am best friends with my man. we are friends, each other's closest friends. and we are in love in that friendship love each other emotionally and sexually.

    seducing? keeping someone interested? I will never understand these things. she makes it look like a girl is or should be some slippery Fish that if you don't know how to keep her she will slip out of those hands.

    Though I don't deny many girls are like this. But I don't deny those many girls have undeveloped brains and personalities with queen and princess complexes. liking to be approached is something, being an undecided unreliable brat is something else.

    this is her advice:
    How to get a girl to like you
    1. Always be closing
    make her actively aware that you like her. okay
    2. Never be too available
    the same flee and make her or him run after you nonsense.

    women like a man who has a work and does something with his time.

    instead of "Never be too available" bullshit that so many of these experts say I say "Don't have too much free time". not just to the man but to the woman too. The woman shouldn't be sitting there like a bitch having free time so the man has to make himself unavailable to not show off as desperate. And that is simply a sign of a healthy active life when you aren't always free, and being healthy and active is attractive.

    3. Keep her second guessing
    I don't buy these conversation tricks either to have any effect on the attraction between a man and woman who already like something about each other. I had a friend she started seeing a boy and she came to me saying what they told and one time said "I told him I like him and he got a little blushed and told me yeah I like you too and then instantly asked me what's your favourite colour? I LOVE this dumb boy". She nearly screamed when she said 'love' and she really meant she loved him and they are still in a relationship after 3 years.

    And you're telling people how to ask questions to look like a Super man who knows everything. That's not gonna happen and it's unreal. Men are humans and we are all insecure creatures why should we demand an unrealistic thing instead of finding the real honest side of someone attractive. why can't we accept the flaws and even celebrate them? that is the point of a connection.

    4,5. see 3

    Why all of these complications? be best friend with your man and build everything else together for each other on your friendship.

    • Countdown to her complaining and it being removed... 3... 2... 1...

      Ohhh Kezia... Kezia, Kezia... you have so much to learn.

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    • I find it peculiar that now we even have a girl teaching guys how to get girls in bed... lol

    • If she had much to learn she wouldn't have helped hundreds of guys get better.. you are quite cynical to assume the worst about everything she's saying. Some guys really do need her help and have gotten results!

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What Guys Said 51

  • This chick could get laid every single night with a different dude for most of her life. She is like the opposite entity of a fat, socially awkward man who watches hamster porn.

    • "most of her life"

      Try until she's 35. And if she was honestly having that much sex, even that could be pushing it.

    • Nah, she wouldn't have that much sex. But she could if she wanted to. Men don't have this option. And here is another interesting thing, I went to a sex party and the majority were women over 35. In today's liberated world, even older women have more power over men in terms of sex.

    • Sex is the only thing you want out of life

  • So is this like an unpaid ad?
    Should we report this as advertising or spam?

  • I just came here because she's sexy.

  • she is a BABE!

  • The problem I have with these dating "coaches", is they assume every girl/guy is the exact same way.

    She will give you tips that SHE finds attractive. What about women who don't find those traits attractive? She's narrow-minded.

    Then again, pretty much all dating "coaches" are gimmicks and fraud people out of their money. I hope nobody is naive enough to set up an appointment with these fools.

  • This takes away any independence a man could have. It's like asking your mommy to hold your hand and tell you how to find a wife. Learn by trial and error. Women have always said they love confidence, so how will they feel when you're too much of a wuss to learn on your own and just get some dating expert? Trial by fire is the way to go. If you learn on your own not only will you get better faster, but you'll be a lot prouder of yourself for doing it on your own.
    Besides she just sounds like every other dating scam.

  • dayum, this is the second person you guys have found who im subbed to on youtube... granted im still trying to decide whether i subbed to her for her decent insights on the female mind, or her boobies. ANYWHO, in terms of female advice on dating for men, kezia noble is one of my favourites. What she said here was solid in my opinion.

    Okay, since you guys are adamant on bringing on guys im subscribed to, i have a couple suggestions for you. The undisputed best "dating guru" I've ever seen to date would be James Marshall. Whenever i come across a guy who is struggling with women, I'll often give him a link to this video

    To this date, I haven't seen a guy more in touch with what women actually want out of men, and who explains it in such a simple and reasonable way. He's who I'd love to see next here, as he may be able to actually resonate with a few guys here... even though most would be too stubborn to even listen. Great take though

  • So she came here to get some clients for her?

  • God, she looks like a right piece of work.

  • I've read Kezia's book. She's actually given very useful advice that's helped me out a lot. It actually helps to hear this information being told not by a very attractive woman who has seen and experienced being hit on from the other side. Rather than a sleazy male player who gives questionable advice.

  • Easy to give tips when you are drop dead gorgeous. How about tips for the average girl/guy? Lol.

    • i don't really get this comment tbh. The fact that she's drop dead gorgeous is the exact reason why you'd want tips from her, i'd imagine. She's not a hot guy telling you how to pick girls up. She's a hot girl telling you how to pick HER up xD

  • Sounds like sexism, in my opinion. Why does the guy always have to approach the girl, and initiate everything? All she's doing is further promoting the fact that women can just sit back and wait for guys to impress them, without taking any risk or putting any effort into getting a boyfriend. This needs to stop.

    • It's not sexism. It's evolution.

      You're a guy: your investment is your load. Theoretically, you could make several babies a day. A woman can't do that. She gets pregnant, she's off the market for nine months, followed breastfeeding and raising that child.

      Hence women are simply hardwired to be a hell of a lot more picky when it comes to men. It's unconscious, not something they're doing to be mean to you.

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    • @Prof_Don I agree, but then again, the same could be said for a girl who wants a particular guy. If she doesn't approach him, but instead sits back and waits, she doesn't deserve him either.

    • I definitely agree with that.

      But stop deflecting.

      Focus on YOU, and pursuing what YOU want. Stop concerning yourself with what women are doing or not doing! Handle YOUR shit.

  • she has nice tits i guess. thats enough good advice to me

  • I get the unrelenting feeling that this woman is a monster in her private life.

  • Save money and listen to shia lebouf just DO IT!

  • Is it just me or Kezia Noble is hot? Yeah she is.

  • Whoever typed this up made a number of errors and poor word choices. "fitted" should be "fit" for instance. @_@


  • Overcoming your fears? What makes her think that these men have trouble with women? Some men just don't care about dating.

    • LOL right. Most guys do care they just DENY it and do everything they've been told to do by society to eventually get a girl. Go to school, get a job, and make friends then they find a girl.

      BUT there is WAY more to it than that

    • Women will always be around. I bet these guys know it and just do their own thing. When the time is right, they'll date. Maybe not. Some people just do better on their own.

    • These man have problems because they ACTIVELY seek her help !

  • Can you help me overcome my fear of white people?


  • I have seen some of her Youtube casts and she seems to know what she's talking about. Her advice is to the point and she is quite highly regarded so worth listening to.. She's a 10 as well...

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  • I got distracted by her boobs in the picture. XD Seriously I bet you could just stick a pencil right in between. XD

    • That probably wouldn't be the only thing that's ever been stuck between them!

    • Lol. And my comment about her looking like a porn star got removed...

  • Love it. She's right. I have been giving out bad advice---telling introverted shy guys to gain confidence when it's not in their nature. There's an excellent book called Quiet for Introverts

    that allows them to utilize what they are to their advantage in the dating world.

    • I actually know a LOT of extroverts who have a trouble getting a girl. It has nothing to do with introverts/extroverts but these "dating coaches" are scam artists anyway. I don't know why people can't realize that.

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    • @rationallioness do you think an introvert can be a player? like do you think that person can put a double figure of lays under his belt? I'm just curious for a females view on that question.

    • I'm sure that's possible. A lot of them may lie about who they are to get laid which is gross in my opinion. I'm sure some of them are honest though.

  • none of this is bad. why is only directed at men... dont you give this to women as well?

    i find women more than men need a no bullshit coach/ approach bc they are always plied with with passive weak wishy washy advice-from women and men... which i guess they get used to and turn around and advise to other women and the circe repeats itself until women actually think they can't be anything but passive and indirect. many not all.

    • Because women don't have trouble getting laid lol. Seriously, all a girl need is inner confidence and body confidence and you good to go. A guy needs these two things AND know how to actually seduce a girl (another chapter in itself), women are the ones that get seduced.

    • @Scrambled that is completely incorrect.. many women , even very attractive women have trouble dating. It SEEMS like they don't from a guy's perspective, but if you talk to them you will see things aren't so simple. Also, to directly respond to your "getting laid" comment.. yeah you're trying to think as a guy, women don't want to "just get laid" .. duh

    • Because all a woman has to to get laid is approach someone and ask "Do you want to have sex with me" and at least half the time, the answer will be yes.

  • i want to sign up

  • Useful for getting laid or getting hot dates to satisfy men's egos... temporary sexual relationships? hmmm

  • Kezia Noble.. is this a pseudonym?

  • Wonder if there are such things for women as well...

  • Just be honest and cut the bullshit. Otherwise, you'll go out with the rest of the trash.

  • She thinks she knows but she doesn't

    • If she dressed like a normal woman, I'd take her more seriously. What girl goes out in public with a skimpy dress like that?

  • Just like every other dating coach, she's a scam. I LOVE introvert/shy guys and many other girls do too. I also know girls who prefer talkative/extrovert guys. There is no one size fits all solution. I feel sorry or men who pay for her (or any other dating coach's) services.

    • Problem is, introverted / shy guys dont meet women.. hence the need for someone to give them a boost

  • seriously, she just wants guys all into herself. "I'm hot so buy my shit" this is a money making scheme. Women in general are just people with feelings like men and not that complicated. Men make it complicated in their minds.

  • Not gonna bother to read that interview - just came here to say that she looks kind of fake. She's what comes to mind when I imagine a Russian mail-order bride.

  • The author has zero credibility in my opinion as she has no degree in anything.