What does it mean? Does he/she like me?

What does it mean? Does he/she like me?

What does it mean?

Does he/she like me?

You constantly play over and over in your mind the last interaction you both had.

Your unease begins to grow because you don’t know whether you should try to

pursue things with this person or not.

“Does he/she like me?”

You ask yourself day in and day out.

All of the signs seem to be there.

But you’re left with uncertainty.

“What do I do now?”

You ask yourself.

Your world with this person has come to a halt.

Things don’t move forward and continue to stand still.

What does it mean? Does he/she like me?

Do not look for signs

I know it’s inevitable!

This is what makes you think the person has a liking towards you in the first place.

Sadly but truly, some people send mixed signals

You are either :

A) Reading too deeply into the signs.
B) Misreading the signs.
C) Reading the signs correctly.

What does it mean? Does he/she like me?

Option A

Reading too deeply into the signs.

(Below are some of the signs that someone who has interest in you may show).


  • Makes eye contact with you and smiles.
  • Gently brushes your hair back with their hands.
  • Gives you compliments on a regular basis.
  • Goes out of their way to greet you at all times.
  • Always seems to notice when you walk into a room.
  • Constantly looks at you when you are looking away
  • Gives you a kiss on the cheek or hugs.

...The list goes on.

Simple body language and words has got you thinking so much more.

You very well could be right!

But at the same time,

This may be nothing beyond than what it presents itself to be.

Just because someone shows indication that he/she may like you

doesn’t mean you should automatically assume there are feelings there.

What does it mean? Does he/she like me?

Option B

Misreading the signals.

Below I list some possibilities:

1) If you really like this guy/gal you hope that you aren’t reading him/her wrong.
Some people are flirty by nature and generally treat people in a very friendly way.

Although this person very well may like you, there is a huge possibility that this person does not.

The way this person treats you could be a personality trait.

This guy/gal is pretty much "flirtatous" with everyone.

2) Perhaps you have such extreme liking towards this person that this makes you hope those signs mean something.

The reality of it is, those signs mean nothing at all.

This person is just being playful.

He/she enjoys your attention and sees this as harmless.

Although not in every case, this person

may make you believe something more will blossom out of your "relationship".

The person's lack of effort (initiating contact/hang out) leads you to ask the above question:

"What does it mean?"

"Does he/she like me?"

I call this “mixed signals”.

If someone really liked you they wouldn’t constantly have excuses not to be with you.

What does it mean? Does he/she like me?

Option C

Reading the signs correctly.

This is the option we pretty much all hope for when in this situation.


It's obvious (in your mind) that this person likes you.

Getting things going would be a lot easier in this case.

The hardest part (fear of rejection) would be out of the way because

you know the feelings are mutual.

What does it mean? Does he/she like me?.

-Wipes sweat off of forehead-

No one likes that pressure.

So, what really is the answer to the overall question in this article?

What does it mean?

Does he/she like me?

With even the most obvious signs out there,

You never really know whether someone is interested in you or not unless

you take a leap.

  • Continue to further become better acquainted with this guy or girl.
  • Exchange numbers with this guy/gal (eventually)
  • Confess to him/her your feelings and your intent (when you are at comfort level)

How this person responds will immediately tell you!

Signs are often misread or interpreted the wrong way.

To clear this confusion up, you have to be direct in your approach.

I know some of us like to sit back and show subtle hints towards this other person.

But that will not guarantee you getting to the next level with him/her.

One of the main reasons why men and women don't understand each other is because we often misread the opposite sex.

So go for it!

Put your army jacket and gladiator boots on!

You are ready for any possible outcome!

Instead of sitting down and asking yourself the same question(s) over and over, what do you have to lose?


You only have time to gain that could have been wasted on further contemplating.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • This i know secretly liked me, she showed little signs but at other times what she did to me she did to others. So i didn't feel any special.
    She acted cold and a total aloof twords me but to everyone else she would open up. So it has gotten to the point to where as everyone noticed her abusive, rude, and annoying behavior that i tolerated for months. A year later she admits she l iked me but it was to hard for her to show it. She not talk much in person, hardly give me compliments, when im there for her she gives others credit, we hardly hang out, we never called each other and she keeps hitting and punching people but flirts with me.
    So man up acted, all goes terribly wrong when she wanted be best friends with no boundaries, and hang out but getting to know each other. I tried to get know her but it annoyed her, i tried askubg to hang out but when we did she was shy and quite then came up with topics and she sem bored if it wasn't about her, as a best friend farthest i gotten was physically playing around but couldn't reach 3rd base cause of work. But we did cuddled and kissed.
    After that day she changed. And everything just blew up. Now we are both trying to end it. But its oh well.

    • Wow.. very complicated.
      How long ago was this?
      And any luck with the ladies since?

    • Today marks the day

    • We are not even friends anymore. Everything started April last year when broke everything down, December of last year, i told her to cut the games, cut the pubching, hitting, and saying rude things. Then i had to tell her again in April of this year. She wanted ne to be her weddibg date but i told her if she cabt text to me or talk to me in person or cimmunicate then i dont know.

Most Helpful Girl

  • since everyone basically needs to do the same things to be understood by anyone. i dont think confusion happens bc we misread the opposite sex. i think it happens bc we dont communicate well and everything becomes misunderstood. people of the same sex like each other as well and encounter the exact same problems.

    i agree being upfront and direct and clear is the ONLY way. and asking people about it before you've done that is just procrastination.

    however sometimes youve done it and things are still unclear. and asking advice on how to deal with it, as apposed to asking for answers, is reasonable,

    and sometimes people know they want to say something but sdks how. thats ok to ask for help about as well. but asking does he/she like me is silkily., no one can know no matter what info you give, bc people do all sorts of things for all sorts of reasons, and even if they like you doesn't mean there want anything. so really there's no way to know whats up unless you talk about it with them. but know what you want first :)

    • Thanks for answering !

      Well of course , misreading the opposite sex is only "one" of the reasons. But not most certainly all. I've seen on here men who just dont understand women no matter what they do and vice versa
      I posted this take because upon being on gag "what does it mean? Does he/she like me" has been one of the most popular questions on here in my opinion. So this take is more for people who question everything their crush does and are looking for obvious signs.

    • Show All
    • So is it the time for me to tell this guy I like him knowing he seems he likes me to and give me signs but that could mean nothing, even if I dont know what his reaction will be or what he will think? I mean remeber we jsut met 4 mos ago, we text occassionally, not all the time, and we had gone out together once and talked like a month ago of going out again but nothing is settled yet. Im so shy and embarrased that I dont even know how to tell a guy I like him, beause this is the first man experience I have with a guy I really really like.

    • I think you should indicate that you want something more with him.
      You have to be frank wirh him.
      If you were to be in a relationship with him, would this be long distance? Do you think you can handle not seeing him as much as you want?

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What Guys Said 3

  • I usually just expect the worst. If I'm not 100% certain she likes me, I assume she just doesn't really like me like that and is just friendly. This girl gives me mixed signals, I give her mixed signals back. Not planning on ever pursuing her. Unless she makes it clear she's interested.

  • Ha I can relate to this totally. I overthink with a girl I really like, in fact I think I might be a bit delusional in thinking she likes me but in reality I don't think does,

  • Will read this take when drunk so I can get a better understanding.

    • If hooked on phonics didn't work for you while sober , it won't work while drunk. You're a lost case !

    • Some girls like attention I've had some girls smile and flirt and then end up standing me up conniving bitches.

    • Is your bitterness towards me really at the fact you've been rejected? Well, that's a part of life. Some people mislead others don't and are genuine. That's the chance you take in trying to pursue things.

What Girls Said 5

  • I'm a really flirtatious person by nature and I, by no means, am trying to send mixed signals to anyone. I know I've given them before and I felt terrible about that, but I had no idea I did in the first place. I get mistaken for flirting all the time. I'm not. I just am, as you said, being playful.

    I know I overthink things a lot. I'm learning not to. Yes, I do overthink some things, but lately I've found it to be a waste of time and I don't care to dwell on the thing I'm overthinking so I've stopped.

    Great take! Very insightful and fun to read. :)

  • Dear god, let this put an end to all those endless posts!
    Amen 😇🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • VERY TRUE. and sadly no happy ending to this my take 😂😂😂

    Current mood: 😒🔫

  • Yep. Still Sux tho

  • Ohh my God this article it hit the nail right in the head with me and the guy I currently like., As he is hard to read on but had give me possible signs he likes me but other times he acts like he is just a friend and O dont have the guts to be upfront and even tell him I like him. Ideas? We just met 4 mos ago and had been on a first date one month ago, with a possibility of a second date but taht will take place until he returns from his oversees trip in mid August a trip he never mentioned me he was going to take because I guess he did not tell anyone he was going for a trip.


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